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PARAGUAY, Ana María Mendoza de Acha, President of Fundaprova • Mother of Tupãrenda House (CMT was inaugurated a year ago (22 August 2016). It was a beautiful sunny morning, with Bishop Claudio Giménez’s blessing, the accompaniment of the Ministry of Justice and hundreds of friends who filled us with joy. I cannot believe everything happening in this short of time; the House is progressing much more rapidly than we planned. I am surprised to see it so full of young people to the point that there are several on aRead More
PARAGUAY, Ani Souberlich and Maria Fischer • “It will be an honor and a real joy for us to share this moment with you…” A sentence from the invitation received last week by several collaborators and helpers of Mother of Tupãrenda House, the Social-educational Center of Social Re-integration and Personal Development, dedicated to young men who have gotten into conflict with the law and have therefore served some time in prison, and who have voluntarily decided to attend this comprehensive program, which started in August 2016 in the shadow ofRead More