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Los sacerdotes diocesanos de Concepción en el santuario de Montahue
CHILE, editors • Once again, the Schoenstatt Shrine of Montahue opened its doors for the diocesan clergy. On the morning of Wednesday, March 27, the presbyterate of the Archdiocese of Concepción gathered at the Schoenstatt Shrine of Montahue to celebrate the Day of the Ministerial Priesthood. — After the prayer of Lauds, Monsignor Bernardo Alvarez introduced the two priests from Nigeria, who this week joined the clergy of Concepción: Father Francis Umar and Father John Emeka. Afterwards, they participated in a moment of reflection by Father Fernando Lacaux, from theRead More
CHILE, José Manuel Velasco Jouanne / María Fernanda Barreiros •  Humbly and gratefully, in this testimony we want to reflect on the generosity of Divine Providence, which used every tool at the right time so that we could all act together in favor of the Campaign, whose goal was to bring warmth and hope to 25 families who lost everything in the fires last February in Santa Juana. — As the Family Movement of Montahue, we were on the scene after the fires and were ready to help the localRead More
CHILE, Archdiocese of Concepción (Press release) • The Rosary Campaign celebrated a pilgrimage meeting on Saturday, November 26, at the Shrine of Montahue, located in the Recodo sector of San Pedro de la Paz. — Missionaries from different parishes of the Archdiocese of Concepción participated in the meeting along with the families that the Blessed Mother visits in her image in their homes. In this way, these families reciprocate the visit to their Mother in the Shrine. It should be remembered that the Rosary Campaign consists of taking the pictureRead More