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PARAGUAY, by Rafael Vera • During the University Missions carried out in Holy Week, I went with the Pilgrim Mother for the visually impaired. And the Blessed Mother took me to right place. I met Mr. Claudio, 45, who has desire to fight. He lives in the city of Gral. Morinigo. He had the experience of touching the soft relief of our Mother and her son. He was very touched by the Blessed Mother’s visit, and he rejoiced. Mr. Claudio valued and appreciated the Blessed Mother’s visit; he kissed herRead More
PARAGUAY, José Argüello and Maria Fischer • MUC2016, the Catholic University Missions 2016, began on 22 March – the day of the attacks in Brussels – 956 young missionaries, approximately 300 more than last year, gathered in front of the Asunción Cathedral and in front of the Rotunda, at Villarrica to go out on mission to eight cities during Holy Week. They went out after a profound preparation, and it would be from their own encounter with God, knowing “…that a missionary is above all, someone who had an encounterRead More
PARAGUAY, Fr. Oscar Saldívar and Maria Fischer • The Tupãrenda Schoenstatt Youths’ missions began on 6 January. Approximately 120 missionaries will be in Itá for five days taking God and the Blessed Mother to many homes. They began with a marathon, carrying a lighted torch from the Tupãrenda Shrine to Itá. The novel idea (possibly inspired by Fackellauf– the torch carrying relay race during the Jubilee) was to take the fire that was born at the Tupãrenda Shrine to Itá. They lit the torch at the Shrine with the goalRead More
CUBA, by Juan Vicente and Juan Manuel, missionaries at Cuba • Mission Cuba is the Chilean Boys’ Youth project. At Fr. Bladimir of the Schoenstatt Federation of Cuban Diocesan Priests’ invitation, the Schoenstatt youths’ second team is at Santa Cruz at the parish where Fr. Bladimir is working with Schoenstatt groups. They will stay in Cuba for a few months at the service of Schoenstatt. Schoenstatt began at Cuba with the first generation of Misión Cuba [Mission Cuba] approximately 10 – 15 years ago. Two missionaries from Mission Cuba’s currentRead More
PARAGUAY, Testimonies about the Family Missions, at Mbocayaty • For me, to talk about the missions is to talk about allowing oneself to be surprised by God’s Providence, thinking about his immense generosity, that generosity that is given to: the people of the mission town, to the missionaries, the life and mission families, the children, the priests and the consecrated, who accompany us, those who come from a distance, but above all those brave ones who are challenged to give their fiat to abandon themselves and their comfort zones goingRead More
ARGENTINA, Rosa Ciola • Sunday, 11 October, the Schoenstatt missionaries gathered at St. Joseph’s Parish, south Morón, (Greater Buenos Aires) close to the Blessed Mother to pray for the missions. They prepared an illuminated rosary with the usual love and enthusiasm. On this occasion, it was assembled with colors to symbolize each continent: yellow (Asia), blue (Oceania), white (Europe), red (America), and green (Africa). Many Pilgrim Mothers presided at the gathering. People arrived little by little while the music ministry provided songs. When everything was ready, we knelt as aRead More
PARAGUAY, Rolando José Benítez Velázquez • I lost my mother two years ago; it was a very powerful experience for me as I greatly depended upon her. I believe it is something that I will never overcome. I distanced myself from religion, I distanced myself from God, and I felt empty until a very special person in my life showed me a road that I never thought I would take: she invited me to the missions. With many doubts and not much desire, I accepted that invitation without knowing whatRead More
Today, Fr. Esteban Casquero answers: He belongs to the Schoenstatt Secular Institute of Priests. He carries out his pastoral work in the southern zone of the Province of Buenos Aires – Argentina (Coronel Dorrego and Monte Hermoso with its adjacent towns). He has belonged to Schoenstatt since his youth; he was a member of the Boys’ Youth. From there, he began his Covenant Road in the heart of the Shrine of the New Shores in Mar del Plata. “I have lived beautiful times in the Schoenstatt life and that ofRead More
GERMANY, Memholz, Maria Fischer • “Much that we start here is something Schoenstatt has done for a long time”, Auxiliary Bishop Florian Wörner remarked after the introductory round in the afternoon of 18 May in the large hall of the Schoenstatt Centre in Memholz. It was after 33 members of the Schoenstatt Movement had introduced themselves and what they were doing. Auxiliary Bishop Wörner of Augsburg is the director of the Institute for New Evangelisation in the diocese, so his reaction was more than a nice summary or praise, butRead More

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A special Holy Week…

ITALY, Rome, Claudia Minici • Under the banner of an encounter, we just completed Holy Week. The High Zoldo community certainly welcomed a group of students from Rome under Father Alfredo’s guidance that stirred the inhabitants of the valley’s hearts where sincere hospitality was found. Enthusiastic young people and families with a little carefree spirit have knocked on the doors of homes here accompanied by the Schoenstatt Mother Thrice Admirable, their loyal and faithful co-traveller and companion. Some of the local people’s reactions at first to the pilgrims found onRead More