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ITALY by Gisela Ciola, Campaign missionary from Trento • I have missioned with the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother in Trento since 2014; it is the only one in this diocese. Many people in this area already have received it, as many as the graces that she has granted us. Milena, a woman from our prayer group asked me if she could take the Pilgrim Mother to her family in Milan, who waited for her with so much love. That was it. During those days, I had scheduled a meeting with Sr. Ivone,Read More
PARAGUAY, by Amada Girett and Maria Liz Ibaizabal • This is María Liz Ibaizabal’s testimony: she lives in Santa Rita, Alto Paraná, Paraguay. After the event that she relates, she felt called to be a missionary by the Blessed Mother, and on 18 March 2016, she received a Pilgrim Mother. She believes she is a miracle of the Blessed Mother, which happened a year ago. We heard about it when she shared it with the missionaries from Santa Rita. It is a testimony of how the Blessed Mother works. AllRead More
TENERIFE/AUSTRIA, María Dolores Fernández Lapuente • María Dolores Fernández Lapuente is an Argentinean physician, currently living in Austria, who previously lived in Tenerife, Spain, where at that time, a wayside shrine of our Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt was blessed.  The name of the shrine is “Desciende María” [“Mary, descend”] located in Bajamar and found on the shrines and wayside shrines’ map. In addition to the wayside shrine, the Pilgrim Mother is also already traveling in Tenerife. The first Tenerife Pilgrim Mother on pilgrimage Dolores relates:  The first Pilgrim MotherRead More
ARGENTINA, by Ana Giarratana and Silvia Sibay • On 26 June Fr. Guillermo Cassone sent out 18 new Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Campaign missionaries from the “Garden of Mary” shrine in Tucumán.  With joy and emotion, they gave their yes to the Blessed Mother and committed to take her image wherever she wants to go. Earlier, commemorating the 31st anniversary of the death of João Pozzobon they went to the memorial that bears his name and as a gesture of acknowledgement that they are Mary’s humble instruments and faithful heirs ofRead More
COLOMBIA, by Fanny Vásquez • Fanny Vásquez is a coordinator for the Schoenstatt Movement at St. Maximilian Kolbe Parish in Bogotá, Colombia. Her testimony as the Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt’s daughter has been very important for the conversion of many people. My name is Fanny Vásquez, I was born in Bogotá on 15 May 1968, at home of my parents, José (deceased) and Amalia Vásquez. I am a textile designer and am currently retired due to physical disability, but thanks to God, who looked upon me withRead More
PARAGUAY, José Argüello and Maria Fischer • MUC2016, the Catholic University Missions 2016, began on 22 March – the day of the attacks in Brussels – 956 young missionaries, approximately 300 more than last year, gathered in front of the Asunción Cathedral and in front of the Rotunda, at Villarrica to go out on mission to eight cities during Holy Week. They went out after a profound preparation, and it would be from their own encounter with God, knowing “…that a missionary is above all, someone who had an encounterRead More
URUGUAY, by Maria del Rosario de Armas • Uruguay’s Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign is happy! Yes. It is happy because it has journeyed through Uruguay for thirty years beginning on 13 May 1985, at Punta del Este, department of Maldonado, one of the most beautiful places in Uruguay. Yes. And it is happy, because the Blessed Mother wanted to establish herself in Punta del Este. This is where she began to go out. She wanted to stay in one of the churches most attached to its parishioners, Our Lady of Candelaria.ThisRead More
PARAGUAY, by Mima and Juan Carlos Cardona • “Everyone, welcome to this Eucharistic celebration. On this day, we joyfully gather filled with good wishes because our community is celebrating. We are commemorating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the blessing of the Wayside Shrine in our city, protected beneath the Blessed Mother of Schoenstatt’s maternal gaze. We implore the intercession of our Mother and the blessing of God the Father as committed missionary disciples, so we can carry forth the challenges that our Mother Church proposes.” The Mass celebrated on 16 DecemberRead More
PARAGUAY, by Amada Girett, Mima Cordona and Maria Fischer • On 8 December 2015, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and the opening of the Holy Year of Mercy, the missionaries of the Rosary Campaign crowned the Blessed Mother as QUEEN OF EVANGELIZATION at the wayside shrine “Puerta del Cielo” [Door to Heaven], which is located in the Portal Sinuelo at Santa Rita, Paraguay. Many neighbors and Fr. Jorge, the pastor of the place, accompanied them. Fr. Jorge has always accompanied the Campaign! “What a fruitful year in Santa Rita!”,Read More
BOLIVIA, by Juan José Rocha • La Paz, Achumani, 21 November 2015. Today, twenty-three years ago or more precisely 8,400 days ago, our Achumani Shrine was blessed during a solemn celebration. On the afternoon of another anniversary of the blessing of the Shrine, sixteen couples sealed their Covenant of Love with the Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt in a grace-filled ceremony. Mother’s doing I recall a funny story in which St. Peter is very concerned upon noticing the presence of some souls, who he did not rememberRead More