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PARAGUAY, Sady Fleitas • As on every first Saturday of the month, we had our mission at the Social Welfare Institute Central Hospital. There were only twelve of us among the Rosary Campaign missionaries and three Eucharistic ministers, so we could only go two by two (maximum three) and we also had some Pilgrim MTAs. — The SWI Mission takes place every first Saturday at the Social Welfare Institute Central Hospital (or SWI/CH). It began with a priest sending out and the Eucharistic ministers and us. The Rosary Campaign missionariesRead More
PARAGUAY, by Maria Otilia and Héctor Fleitas • The IPS Mission takes place on first Saturdays at Social Security Institute (IPS) Central Hospital. It begins with Fr. Martín Gómez commissioning Eucharistic Ministers, and Rosary Campaign missionaries. The several people who are involved in this apostolate go through the building’s eight floors taking the Eucharist, visiting the sick, and their relatives with the Pilgrim Mother.  When the priest participates, he administers the sacraments of anointing of the sick and reconciliation. The mission concludes with praying a Holy Rosary in the chapelRead More