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SPAIN/CUBA, Mónica and José Delgado-Iribarren • Mission Cuba as a family! In July, the entire family departed for Santa Cruz del Sur, a coastal city in southern Cuba. During Jubilee 2014, we met Fr. Bladimir, the pastor, who encouraged two families to go there during the summer.  During the same time, eight young professionals with a great missionary vocation prepared their trip to the same parish. On 1 August, all of us were there together. We have four children ages 12-19. When we finally finalized our trip and we boughtRead More
SPAIN/CUBA, via Madrid’s Schoenstatt Movement Bulletin • During the 2015 summer, Spain’s University Girls’ Youth had a missionary experience, “Mission Cuba” at Fr. Bladimir’s parish. Fr. Bladimir is a member of the Schoenstatt Federation of Priests, in Santa Cruz del Sur, Cuba. The second Mission Cuba will take place during this summer. This time two couples from the Family Federation each with their four children and eight professional young people will work with Boys’ and Girls’ Youth at the same parish. Fr. Bladimir indicated ways to help the work thatRead More
CUBA, Mission Cuba and Editorial Team • Several days after Easter, Fr. José Gabriel Bastián Cadoso of the Schoenstatt Federation of Diocesan Priests sent this greeting, “From Cuba, united in the triumph of God’s mercy over the evils of our time.” Schoenstatt is truly growing stronger in Cuba with the presence of three Federation priests in the country, the third Chilean team of Mission Cuba, along with youths and couples from Spain preparing to go on mission to Cuba to help with training. Historic times “I am happy to knowRead More
ARGENTINA/SPAIN/ CHILE / CUBA, by Mercedes MacDonough and Maria Fischer • Precisely Cuba. Among all the possible places in the world, the historic encounter of 12 February – The embrace between Patriarch Kirill from Moscow and Pope Francis –actually took place in Cuba at the Havana airport. During the encounter, they signed a joint declaration. After two hours of intense conversation, the Pope and the Patriarch went to a hall in the airport, where President Raúl Castro waited for them to sign a joint Declaration. It is based on thirtyRead More
CUBA, by Juan Vicente and Juan Manuel, missionaries at Cuba • Mission Cuba is the Chilean Boys’ Youth project. At Fr. Bladimir of the Schoenstatt Federation of Cuban Diocesan Priests’ invitation, the Schoenstatt youths’ second team is at Santa Cruz at the parish where Fr. Bladimir is working with Schoenstatt groups. They will stay in Cuba for a few months at the service of Schoenstatt. Schoenstatt began at Cuba with the first generation of Misión Cuba [Mission Cuba] approximately 10 – 15 years ago. Two missionaries from Mission Cuba’s currentRead More
CUBA, Juan Vicente Escobar and Juan Miguel de la Fuente • Our first impression of Cuba was literally, a blast of hot air on our faces that almost knocked us to floor! When we arrived, besides getting lost in the small Havana airport, twenty-three Spanish girls (and some Cubans) singing the Franz Reinisch Hymn quite loudly welcomed us; it was a triumphant entrance (not bad, we can’t complain). Then we bid farewell to the missionaries from Spain, with crying, tears, come back soon, we will not forget you, etc. etc.Read More
CUBA, by Juan Vicente Escobar, Misión Cuba of the Chilean Boys’ Youth, relating how they experienced the Pope’s Francis’ visit to Holguín • Over here the Pope revolutionized everyone. When he arrived in Cuba, the parish bells rang and the entire community saw his arrival on Fr. Bladimir’s television. The youths departed Sunday morning at 7:00 a.m. We traveled in three buses, and there were about 120 youths, who were picked up on the way because they were from the entire province. It was very tiring, but the atmosphere wasRead More
CUBA, Maria Fischer’s interview with Fr. Egon M. Zillekens • “We reap what others have sown,” Fr. Egon Zillekens said, summarizing his experiences in Cuba, at the founding of the Federation of Diocesan Priests on this island full of joy, hope, and eagerness for the Holy Father’s visit, along with the “encounter” between this country and the United States, fruit on a great part by his mediation. “To see people dressed in t-shirts and pants with the colors of the United States flag in the middle of Havana seems likeRead More