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ARGENTINA, Carlos Cappelletti, with Analia Guaragna and Maria Fischer • The VIII National Gathering of Madrugadores was held August 19 – 21, in Nueve de Julio, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina; a total of 226 were registered from ten provinces. Groups from the different parts of the country participated during the three sessions with the motto “Seeking Mary’s Shelter:” Corrientes, Entre Ríos, San Luis, La Rioja, San Juan, Jujuy, Mendoza, Comodoro Rivadavia, Buenos Aires, Córdoba, and the diocesan groups from Coronel Charlone, Emilio Bunge, Los Toldos, Bragado, Pehuajó and the hostRead More
ARGENTINA, Carlos Cappelletti • More than 200 men from all of Argentina and from Chile will meet in Nueve de Julio during the weekend of the 19-21, for the 8th National Gathering of the Madrugadores. The founders of los Madrugadores, Octavio Galarce (international) and Roberto Horat (Argentina) will participate. Moreover, speakers such as Bishop Ariel Torrado Mosconi, Bishop of Nueve de Julio, Fr. Guillermo Cassone, a Schoenstatt Father from Tucumán; Fr. Manolo Prieto, Marianist priest from Nueve de Julio; and Fr. Mamerto Meapace OSB will participate. The motto chosen forRead More
PARAGUAY, Nery Cabrera and Francisco Ugarte • Tupãrenda is a very appropriate place to deepen in the spiritual life and leave behind everything that pulls us down. With the Brave Men’s Rosary, this is accomplished even more. We received a great blessing all together as brothers, and we left spiritually strengthened to continue to go forward in this very beautiful apostolate of praying the Rosary and taking the Pilgrim Mother to the needy in our community. I thank the Blessed Mother for this opportunity of participating in the 4th BMRRead More
PARAGUAY, Jorge G. Gamarra M. • As a member of the Brave Men’s Rosary, I believe that like many others – I am like the prodigal son, mentioned in Luke’s Gospel 15:11-32, but with the added value of the merciful sheltering of the Father and guided by the Blessed Mother, the great Educator. In the gatherings, where I participated like school classes, the Blessed Mother gradually healed my self-inflicted wounds caused by going through this dull, materialistic world. Now I understand that every prayer gathering, every workshop, retreat and pilgrimageRead More
PORTUGAL, Helder Castro Valente • Within the centenary commemoration of the Fatima Apparitions, in 2017, the Men’s Branch from Portugal – Aveiro and Lisbon – is organizing a Worldwide Gathering of Schoenstatt Men, which will be held 28-31 May 2017. We are waiting for you! With “Schoenstatt Men, new forgers of the future,” as a motto taken from a conference Fr. Kentenich gave to the Movement’s Men on 18 June 1966 in Schoenstatt, and based on the meaning of the 31st of May, the aim is to gather men whoRead More
CHILE, by Cristián Mella • In Chile, the Men’s column is formed by: Institute of Brothers of Mary Men’s Federation Men`s Branch Young Professionals Forjadores (“Blacksmiths”) Madrugadores (daybreakers) University Students Young Professionals and Forjadores [Blacksmiths] are two branches that correspond to the interest of young graduates entering the work force with a great awareness of transforming the world and society especially in terms of work. The beginning of a founding process 2015 was a time that Forjadores will recall as the beginning of the founding process of a new Schoenstatt community. Read More
PARAGUAY, Oscar Velázquez Ferreira • The Rosario de Hombres Valientes [Brave Men’s Rosary] held its second National Gathering on Sunday, 22 November on the Feast of Christ the King. Approximately 300 men congregated at Tuparenda National Shrine, 34 km. from Asunción, in a gathering filled with touching encounters, abundant spirituality and a great atmosphere of fellowship. Rosario de Hombres Valientes This session is organized by the National Coordination of the Rosario de Hombres Valientes (RHV), which since its creation in November 2011 has carried out different activities for the purposeRead More
BRAZIL/GERMANY, by María Fischer • Paulo Kist, one of four Brazilians who belongs to the same Men’s Group in Santa Cruz do Sul, approached Gertrud and Norbert Jehle in the cafeteria with this simple request: “May we have the key to the Shrine, so we can go to pray the rosary tonight?” This ended in an animated and joyful conversation in Portuguese, German, Spanish and “portuñol” [a mixture of Portuguese and Spanish] about the experiences of the group on their trip and pilgrimage through Germany, the Shrines in South America,Read More
PORTUGAL, by Helder Castro Valente • With the great leader of the Rosario de Hombres in Brasil [Men’s Rosary in Brazil], Father Michael Lancaster’s encouragement, on June 18, 2001, the day on which 35 years of the Father and Founder’s conference about the re-founding (or the new founding) of the Men’s Branch was commemorated, an idea emerged to found the Men’s League in Portugal in the shadow of the Restelo Shrine (Cenacle of Father’s Family) in Lisbon. Just as with all of God’s projects, we had to let things takeRead More