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SWITZERLAND/GERMANY , Maria Fischer • “In a time when so much stands still – when the world is holding its breath in the grip of the Corona crisis, as it were – the joy of work takes on a whole new meaning. In this time, the awareness and the desire is growing that after the almost worldwide lockdown, things cannot continue as before”, write Ulrich and Melanie Grauert, co-founders and directors of the IKAF (International Kentenich Academy for Executives) in the foreword to a book that saw the light ofRead More
GERMANY/SWITZERLAND, Melanie and Ulrich Grauert • The mission statement of the IKAF (International Kentenich Academy for Leaders) states, among other things, “Genuine love of God, which should burn within us, gives us a new vision, a new understanding …” This “new understanding” shone out in a special way during the IKAF weekend at the beginning of March in Memholz, Germany. Based on very different actual situations we could clearly feel that as a team – in the plenary sessions – we could strengthen and enrich each other through the charismsRead More
SWITZERLAND, Claudia Rohner • Eight couples and their children met on Sunday, 19 April 2015 for the third Family Day at Friedberg, Gossau. The theme this year was “Combining Family and Work Creatively – a new dimension”. It is a challenge for every married couple, so the couples were looking forward to the talk given by Melanie and Ulrich Grauert who had confronted themselves intensively with it. While the children were welcomed by the young baby sitter and went off to play, the individual participants introduced themselves briefly and relatedRead More