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CHILE, editorial staff • May 31st, the anniversary of the third milestone in Schoenstatt’s history, which marks the commitment of Father Kentenich and his Schoenstatt to think, act and love organically as the fruit of a profound conversion and as a condition for a new Pentecost in the Church, this year 2020, coincides with Pentecost Sunday. It is being celebrated, at the same time, during a world pandemic; and in Chile -where this milestone occurred in 1949- at a time of a profound ecclesial crisis at the root of theRead More
BOLIVIA, Alexandra Kempff • I could write an article every day on the emotions experienced in preparation for the construction of the Santa Cruz Shrine. From the euphoria and confidence that everything is possible, to the overwhelming doubt of whether we will be able to afford all the projected expenses. In between, a lot of meditation and prayer, listening to Divine Providence, and trying to avoid the confusion caused by our own voices. — Something that at the time simply seemed a curious fact In 2016, while visiting San JoséRead More

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CHILE, Fr. Juan Ignacio Pacheco • Concluding the month of the Mission with a meeting of the Family in Bellavista, we continue moving forward during the year. The Mass of May 31st once again placed us in the importance of our Father and Founder’s legacy for the times we are living. To love, to live and to think organically is a call to coherence and authenticity of life which makes it urgent for us to take up again in the social context which we are now experiencing in our country.Read More