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COSTA RICA, Michelle Ramírez de Monturiol • “We have already experienced that 18ths are filled with heavenly graces, but today was very special for us, the teachers from Mary’s Garden. The experience of each one of the children made every moment worthwhile. The children from Mary’s Garden prepared to sing to the Blessed Mother with their favorite songs, such as Mary of the Covenant, Mary, Look at Me, The Virgin of Nazareth and many others, on a day, when our Family of Hope Shrine celebrated seven months since its blessing.Read More
PARAGUAY, Horacio Chávez Tottil • The visit of the Patroness of Paraguay to Schoenstatt in Tupãrendá is traditional and truly becomes Mary’s Garden with two beautiful blue flowers: one a captivating image that induces one to fall in love and  embrace, and the other, a small, finely decorated statue; both are ready to welcome their beloved children. At nine in the morning at the entrance, the drums and music were heard accompanying the pilgrims carrying the Virgencita de Caacupé [The Little Virgin of Caacupé]. Her presence impresses everyone to theRead More