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Posted On 17.10.2016In Projects

Forta launched in Spain

SPAIN, Manuel de la Barreda Mingot • The first Forta (Marriage Strengthening) in Spain took place the weekend of 30 September to 2 October 2016, and I had the immense good fortune to attend with my wife, Lourdes. Due to Forta’s set up, we will not reveal anything that happened during the session or its content, so couples that attend in the future can enjoy it fully, including allowing oneself to let go and trust.  One must lay him/herself bare becoming small and humble, opening oneself up to what comesRead More
ARGENTINA/PARAGUAY, Stella and Víctor Domínguez • During the first days of September, a desire born in the “Family” Tent of Covenant Culture during Jubilee 2014 in Schoenstatt, Germany, was fulfilled when a couple from Tucumán (Argentina), Gaby and Benjamín Sosa López, visited the Paraguay Stand. They became interested in two projects we presented: Hope Ministry born in Paraguay and Forta [Marriage Strengthening] originating in Mexico. On the same day, there where the source of the Covenant of Love emerged, we met Fr. Ludovico Tedeschi, and he asked us for theRead More
GERMANY, María del Carmen de las Peñas de Gallardo • “Forta” (Marriage Strengthening) is a marriage retreat that has its own personality; it began in Mexico and it has been successful in several countries, but…Germany was missing out, the Schoenstatt Homeland! From Friday to Sunday, 9-11 September, the first Marriage Strengthening took place in Germany. It is a long weekend, where couples take the time to reencounter one another and polish that first love that is often dimmed by routine and the work of daily life and which has toRead More
CHILE/MEXICO/ALEMANIA, Maria Fischer • Conference planning, translations, coordination, discussions via Whatsapp between Chile, Mexico and Germany was done with great effort, terrific anticipation, and considerable sacrifice.  Now, on the morning of Mary’s Nativity, everything that was humanly possible to prepare for the launching of the first Marriage Strengthening with Schoenstatt in Germany had been done.  What remained was to place it in Mary’s hands and to crown her as Queen of Marriage Strengthening in Germany. They were nine couples from Chile and Mexico, who met at nine o’clock on thisRead More