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Marcelo Luzardi, Paraguay, for Tupãrenda Magazine • Maria Fischer is coordinator for the well-known site, – Schoenstatters online.  We make use of her passing through Paraguay to listen to her points of view. We could say that you are a frequent visitor in our country.  How do you see Paraguay developing? This is the third time I have visited Paraguay.  The first time, I was invited by Fr. Antonio Cosp to experience its Movement with its projects and ministries that we shared sometime ago with the entire International SchoenstattRead More
PARAGUAY, by Sandra Lezcano • The Joseph Kentenich retreat house alongside the Schoenstatt shrine in Tupãrenda — between Itauguá and Ypacaraí — hosted the first Kentenich Communication Workshop, attended by Schoenstatt communicators from Germany, Brazil, Chile, and Paraguay. The workshop was inspired by and brought to life in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the publication of the first MTA magazine – created by Fr. Kentenich – and based on Maria Fischer’s thesis. The workshop took place between 29 April and 1 May. It was a dream come true andRead More
PARAGUAY, by Fr. Antonio Cosp • While the more than 24 participants of the Kentenich Communication Workshop prepared their “24 stories of the same Holy Mass on 1 May in Tupãrenda,” they received an inspiring greeting from Fr. Juan Pablo Catoggio, the president of the Schoenstatt General Presidium: “I am very happy that you have gone ahead with this Kentenich Communication Workshop. I want to congratulate you and encourage you for this initiative for all who are participating and those who have made it possible. Often it pains us thatRead More