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Wolke on Zeugen
GERMANY, Maria Fischer • “Taking up your attachment to Schoenstatt, I would like to point out to you, united to Maria Rast, Schoenstatt witnesses of blood and faith from the time of National Socialism, who should be snatched from oblivion,” writes Prelate Dr. Helmut Moll, Cologne, precisely on the 95th anniversary of the priestly ordination of one of these witnesses of blood, martyrs: Fr. Franz Reinisch. — In his letter, to which he encloses extensive documentary material, Prelate Dr. Moll asks “to snatch these people from oblivion through lectures andRead More
Dachau Gedenktag
GERMANY, Sr. M. Elinor Grimm / Maria Fischer •  At a church service on the grounds of the Dachau concentration camp memorial site on Sunday, June 12, Cardinal Reinhard Marx emphasized the importance of remembrance and commemoration. In his sermon in the Todesangst-Christi-Kapelle, the Archbishop of Munich and Freising emphasized: “Such a day of remembrance is not only important historically, but also to learn something about our world and to learn something about our faith. That’s Dachau: a place to reassure ourselves about the journey we are on, as humanRead More
GERMANY, Press Office of the Archbishopric of Munich-Freising/Editorial Office • “How much we long for priests who are ready for devotion, ready to give their lives”, Cardinal Reinhard Marx emphasized with regard to Blessed Karl Leisner, who 75 years ago, on December 17, 1944, was secretly ordained priest in the Dachau concentration camp by the Bishop of Clermont, Gabriel Piguet, who was also imprisoned there. Today it is also about reforms, “but at the core of the question is: Is a priest ready not only to read Mass, but toRead More
GERMANY, Pfr. Christoph Scholten/red.  • Such memories remain with you and shape you, even after weeks: Emmaus Talks in the Sonsbeck Switzerland or in a paddle boat on the river Niers, talks about Fridays for Future and Laudato Si`, intensive proximity to Karl Leisner in the confrontation with his words and his actions…Two deacons and ten priests from the eight dioceses of Aachen, Augsburg, Muenster, Osnabrueck, Rottenburg-Stuttgart, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Trier and Wuerzburg met on the Karl Leisner pilgrimage march under the motto “Apostle time – receive the power of the HolyRead More
GERMANY, Sr. M. Elinor Grimm • 74 years ago, on 12 August 1945, Karl Leisner, a new priest from Kleve, died in the Planegg forest sanatorium as a result of his almost six-year imprisonment in the Dachau concentration camp. After his liberation from the camp on 4 May 1945, Karl Leisner was lovingly cared for until his death by the Sisters of the Order of the Merciful Sisters of St. Vincent de Paul. To this day, the Sisters have kept the room almost unchanged in memory of the suffering andRead More
GERMANY/ ROME BELMONTE, Maria Fischer • “But that’s the same plaque we have in our shrine”, Fr Rolando Gibert Montes de Oca Valero, a member of the Priests’ Federation in Cuba and at present studying communication science in Rome, remarked at the end of the first meeting of the Pastoral Commission of Belmonte when the members of the Commission entered the newly completed chapel in the Casa dell’Alleanza. “In our shrine?” one of his Brazilian confreres asked him. “It is in our shrine on Mount Moriah in Schoenstatt.” “We haveRead More
By Msgr Peter Wolf, DD • Today, the 23 July, twenty years will have passed since Pope John Paul II beatified Karl Leisner in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. I was present and can recall how at the beginning of the Mass the Bishop of Munster, obviously departing from the planned programme, introduced Karl with enthusiastic and engaging words. In his sermon the Holy Father quoted from Karl’s diary and spoke about his relationship to Schoenstatt. He said, “Even before he was imprisoned in Dachau he had developed deep devotionRead More
From Maria Fischer • “Nations shall walk by your light, kings by the radiance of your dawning … the LORD will be your light forever, your God will be your glory” (Isaiah 60). One of the most beautiful Advent texts from the Old Testament involuntarily comes to mind when you open the heavy, beautiful wooden door of the House Marienau chapel. It is still the same chapel, the chapel where Father Kentenich celebrated Holy Mass, a place of many precious memories and encounters, of prayer and praise of God… ButRead More
mda. Karl Leisner would have celebrated his hundredth birthday on 28 February (1915-1945). He was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1996. He had got to know Schoenstatt as a teenager, and during his theology studies was a member of a Schoenstatt group, one of whom was later the Bishop of Munster, Heinrich Tenhumberg. Throughout his life the few, but intensive, times of encounter with the Blessed Mother in the Original Shrine remained the decisive milestones on the path of his vocation. During days of Adoration of the BlessedRead More