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Belmonte | Newsletter 09/2016 Letter from Belmonte Dear family: August and part of September what a time!  In Schoenstatt, during the General Congress at the Institute of Diocesan Priests’ house, we have dedicated a good deal of time talking about Belmonte.  As the community responsible for carrying out the construction of the International Center, we are concerned, but not discouraged about concluding this great dream. I want to share something with you. When speaking about this Center, we want it to be called Belmonte Rome, so those who do notRead More
ITALY, by Federico Bauml and Pamela Fabiano • 18 September 2016, is an important date for the Schoenstatt Family since it marks the return of the Italian website to the International Youths’ challenge for’s Italian website At the end of July, the Italian website was no longer up-dated due to an unforeseen shortage of translators of goodwill to translate news received in other languages and because of a lack of Italian news editors. Well, after many meetings, conversations, and above all, after the excitement of the World YouthRead More
WYD 2016 / ITALY, Denise Campagna and Alessia Llull • When you spontaneously decide to write an article post-trip, what you want to do is to complete the work soon after your return. This gives you the certainty of being able to tell everything perfectly, so that nothing can escape from what you lived! But if, because of various vicissitudes, you delay even a month from that time, will it ever get out? We can assure you that the initial security, clarity and perfection of the story, is unavoidably lessened.Read More
ITALY by Gisela Ciola, Campaign missionary from Trento • I have missioned with the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother in Trento since 2014; it is the only one in this diocese. Many people in this area already have received it, as many as the graces that she has granted us. Milena, a woman from our prayer group asked me if she could take the Pilgrim Mother to her family in Milan, who waited for her with so much love. That was it. During those days, I had scheduled a meeting with Sr. Ivone,Read More
Maria Fischer • An earthquake measuring 6.2 hit central Italy in the early hours of this Wednesday morning. The earthquake, which happened in the mountainous Rieti region near Perugia could also be felt even in Rome. It is feared that the so far confirmed death toll of 37 will rise. Many people are still buried in the ruins of their houses. Let us pray for the victims, their families and friend, the doctors and all who are hastening at this moment to assist the people in their fear and need.Read More
By Maria Fischer • “Dear Maria, forgive me, but I have to stop translating for a time, doctor’s orders. I wanted to let you know so that you can organize articles with someone one else. Finally, I cannot continue to translate ‘Dietro i passi di Padre Kentenich…’ (“Father Kentenich’s footsteps”). I am very sorry, but for now, it is impossible… A warm embrace, Maria” On 5 July that was the last email I received from Maria Tedeschi, that great ally, fighter, unconditional collaborator and loyal friend, who not only translatedRead More
ITALY, Trent, by Milena Allera • Last year I got to know the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother through one of my colleagues, Gisela Ciola, who is a Pilgrim Mother missionary. Gisela had the same health problems that my dad was going through and she offered me the image of the Blessed Mother to take home and keep for a few days.  I accepted it with great joy and a little trepidation.  Was I worthy of such greatness? This is how Our Lady of Schoenstatt came into my life and the lifeRead More
ITALY, Salvatore Rallo, Claudia Geraci, Antonella Raimondi • Finally also in Vicari, a small town inland from Palermo, on Friday, June 10, 2016, thirteen missionary women have sealed the Covenant of Love with our Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt. It took a year of preparation, but thanks to the constant and committed participation of the missionaries, our “provocations” – which at times have possibly been or even been seemingly excessive – we have reached this milestone. The promptings have had a positive effect when they were a stimulus and whenRead More
ITALY, Federico Bauml • Everyone has a birthday, the day they were born. A priest, however, has two birthdays: his actual physical birth, and his ordination, which marks the moment of “re-birth.” Yet there is a difference between birthdays and ordinations: for on the former, it is others who give gifts to the one being celebrated, and for the latter, in addition to receiving gifts, the “birthday boy, ” is the gift, as well as being the one who now gives. There is no difference, however, when one chooses theRead More
ITALY, Virginia, 9, of San Matteo Parish Ap. Ev. Marsala, Sicily • My name is Virginia, I’m 9 years old, and I attend 4th grade and the 2nd year of the First Communion Catechism at San Matteo Parish in Marsala [St. Matthew’s]. Today I want to testify about the love that Our Lady has brought into our homes on behalf of the whole of the catechism class. We learned of the Mother Thrice Admirable during our first year of catechism; it was Maria our catechist and a childhood friend ofRead More