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ITALY, Maria Antonina Rubino • “Being a mother today with Mary” is the desire of mothers who have chosen to follow the Sicilian Schoenstatt Mothers’ way. — Our daughters are Mary’s Apostles. And as mothers? How do we want to be following our little ones? This is just one of the many questions that were on our minds, and left us without an answer. Or rather sometimes, isn’t it more convenient not to seek those answers? That way we have an excuse to continue without choosing and validate the thinkingRead More
GERMANY/ITALY, Dr Peter Wolf • On 11 June thirty-one pilgrims from the Archdiocese of Freiburg, Germany, left for Rome, via Milan, under the guidance of Fr Johnann Schaefer and Dr Peter Wolf.— Ambrose and Charles Borromeo Their first destination was the interesting church Sant’Ambrogio dating back to the early Church. This is where they met Ambrose, one of the important saints of the Church at the turn from the persecution of Christians to the recognition of Christianity. In Milan Cathedral they not only viewed the huge and impressive marble building,Read More
ITALY, by Federico Bauml and Pamela Fabiano • 18 September 2016, is an important date for the Schoenstatt Family since it marks the return of the Italian website to the International Youths’ challenge for’s Italian website At the end of July, the Italian website was no longer up-dated due to an unforeseen shortage of translators of goodwill to translate news received in other languages and because of a lack of Italian news editors. Well, after many meetings, conversations, and above all, after the excitement of the World YouthRead More
BRAZIL, Sr. M. Rosequiel Fávero, via • The Brazil’s southern region Schoenstatt Family began Holy Week with some sad news: Giuseppe Marramarco died. He was known for his untiring apostolate with the Pilgrim Auxiliary MTA among convicts in Río Grande do Sul. His life was transformed by an encounter with the Servant of God João Pozzobon in 1985 Giuseppe Antonio Marramarco was born in the city of Corleto Perticar, province of Potenza, Italy, and at the age of 23, he arrived as an immigrant to Brazil on 24 MarchRead More
ARGENTINA – Claudia Echenique and Cecilia Mata • Rejoice, Mary! This is how the article that was published at on September 8, 2004, began, and this is when the phrase “translated to Italian by María Tedeschi” first appeared. Since then and thanks to the numerous articles María has translated from the city of La Plata, the Italian section of the website has been a great contribution to the growth of the Schoenstatt Family in Italy. On Monday, 11 May, María turned 90 years old, and she continues to translate.Read More