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Empresas solidarias Ciudad del Este
PARAGUAY, Juan Vicente Ramírez • Starting this year, the Chamber of Commerce and Services of Ciudad del Este – Paraguay, implemented a new program called Distinction to Solidarity Companies, which consists of recognizing and highlighting the community and social work developed by the associated companies. — The outstanding companies would receive plaques of recognition that express the distinction of solidarity company of the current year, in this program the presence of the hands of our Blessed Mother of Schoenstatt is perceived, who uses us, members of the CIEES community (InternationalRead More
COSTA RICA,  Rudolf Sauter and Fabian González • As businesspeople or executives, one of the most ambitious projects that we can have is to take God, along with the Blessed Mother, into our workplaces. There are a number of limitations preventing us from openly demonstrating our faith in the workplace without affecting coworkers that profess other religious beliefs or do not like to mix work with religion. The Comunidad Internacional de Empresarios y Ejecutivos Schoenstattianos (CIEES) (International Community of Schoenstatt Businesspeople and Executives from Costa Rica has proposed developing toolsRead More