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BOLIVIA, Alexandra Kempff • I could write an article every day on the emotions experienced in preparation for the construction of the Santa Cruz Shrine. From the euphoria and confidence that everything is possible, to the overwhelming doubt of whether we will be able to afford all the projected expenses. In between, a lot of meditation and prayer, listening to Divine Providence, and trying to avoid the confusion caused by our own voices. — Something that at the time simply seemed a curious fact In 2016, while visiting San JoséRead More
ENGLAND, Ann Mazza • The traditional May Day at the Schoenstatt Shrine in Kearsley, Bolton, the only one in England, celebrated on May 12, brought a new experience to the Schoenstatt Family of England: The Rosary of Lights or Illuminated Rosary, prayed for world peace.— “A big thank you to the women’s group for planning and preparing our wonderful May Day celebration this year! I can’t think of a better way of thanking Our Lady for her many graces and blessings. I’m sure it would have made her smile,” aRead More
URUGUAY, by Sarita Ruibal • 18 February, the Illuminated Rosary prayed at the Punta del Este wayside shrine was said especially for Project Student Support of the Diocese of Maldonado, coordinated by Sarita Ruibal, a missionary of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign. The scholarships were presented in March at the bishopric of Maldonado. The Diocesan Bishop, Rodolfo Wirtz, several of the volunteers who work at Project Student Support and the youths and their families attended. This year thirty-five scholarships were awarded, twenty-four were full scholarships, meaning that they include school supplies,Read More
URUGUAY, Sarita Ruibal and Maria Fischer • An Illuminated Rosary was prayed at the Punta del Este wayside shrine on 18 February (report to follow). This time it was offered for the project of student assistance that Sarita Ruibal, a missionary of the Rosary Campaign, coordinates at the Social Ministry of the Diocese of Maldonado to which Punta del Este belongs. This project is directed toward secondary students that are in critical social conditions, and they are helped through sponsorships upon finishing the secondary cycle (high school). The project beganRead More
PARAGUAY, Amada Girett • Santa Rita is a city in the Alto Paraná Department, in Paraguay; it was founded in 1973, and is located 340 km. east of Asunción and 70 km. from the Triple Border (Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay). On 18 October, the Wayside Shrine, La Llena de Gracias [Full of Grace], was inaugurated and blessed. Everything was very beautiful with consecration prayers, and there was trust on both sides. It is a place for gathering, of prayer, and of attachment. The missionaries from Santa Rita go on pilgrimageRead More
ARGENTINA, by Rosita Ciola, missionary of the Pilgrim MTA in the Diocese of Morón, Buenos Aires • July 4th was a very special day especially for Morón, Buenos Aires’ Pilgrim MTA missionaries, because Paraguay and Argentina were playing in the South American Cup semi-finals, and Father Jacinto, from Saint Joseph Parish who recently opened the doors of his parish so that we could take the Auxiliary of the Blessed Mother, asked if we could have an illuminated rosary before the Mass, exactly at the same time as the game. ThisRead More