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Maria Fischer • A wasps’ nest on a balcony in Siegburg, Germany, is annoying, but certainly not a subject for an article in However, when the wasps’ nest ends with an encounter with Fr Josef Neuenhofer and his project, Arco Iris, for street children in La Paz, it is. Yet that wasn’t the end of it. … The head of the pest control firm nearby arrived on Saturday afternoon shortly before midday. He was dressed in protective clothing and brought with him whatever you need to remove a wasps’Read More
PARAGUAY/INTERNATIONAL,  from Maria Fischer • “Will we get a hundred?” “Let us trust in the solidarity of our people.” “But no answers have arrived … either from the Team or elsewhere …” “Calm down! God probably has a different timescale to ours.” “At any rate he has more patience than I have, we are already in the Jubilee Year and nothing ….” “And if no answer comes, we have to accept it, we always work that way…” Stop! We are not in 2013 and the beginning of a crazy ideaRead More