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Sant'Egidio en Ucrania
NEWSLETTER OF THE SANT’EGIDIO COMMUNITY • I received the newsletter on February 22nd, I read it on February 24th, the second anniversary of the beginning of the war against Ukraine. Sant’Egidio, this young Movement from Together for Europe is in Ukraine, it is doing in Ukraine what Schoenstatt cannot do there, simply because it is not in this martyred country. With the permission of Sant’Egidio (of course, as they wrote to me) we share this newsletter in covenant solidarity. — Two years after the beginning of the war in Ukraine,Read More
Sarah-Leah Pimentel, South Africa • In a country facing severe food and medicine food shortages due to rampant hyperinflation and poor governance, humanitarian aid is a necessity. It is a crime against humanity to burn that food which could save thousands of lives.— There is not enough food in Venezuela to meet the basic daily needs of more than half of the population. Countless people have died of preventable diseases because the hospitals have run out of medical supplies and medicines. For a moment let us put aside the politicsRead More