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GERMANY, Cordula-Maria Weidtmann • St. Joseph has proven to be a faithful intercessor for many people. Therefore, we have called upon him for a special request. On his feast day, March 19, we would like to share our experience with you. — We were looking for the first tenants for a condominium. A prospective tenant dropped out 3 weeks before we were to move in. Acquaintances of ours had placed a note under the statue of St. Joseph several times while looking for an apartment. Our note, dated December 7,Read More
AUSTRIA, Martin Schiffl • October 30, 2022, a day of joy for the Austrian Schoenstatt Movement. The Schoenstatt shrine on the Kahlenberg (Vienna) turned 40 years old, that alone would be reason enough for a celebration, but there was something much bigger to celebrate. The new Schoenstatt Center has become a modern educational house, and the Schoenstatt Movement can now move into it. — In the last days and nights a lot of hard work was done, many things that seemed impossible became possible. More than 350 Schoenstatters from allRead More
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MEXICO, Gabriela de la Garza • In the midst of the pandemic, with all the fear, suffering and the need to be able to “run” to seek comfort and guidance in the arms of Mary, our Mother, we find that the access to the Shrine of Maria Camino al Cielo (Mary Way to Heaven), in Monterrey, is closed to free pedestrian and vehicular traffic, since almost a year ago. This is not the place to delve into the reasons why, but I do want to share how she takes perfectRead More
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A New Year

Mons. Francisco Javier Pistilli Scorzara, I. Sch., Bishop of Encarnación, Year End Mass 2018 • In life, its beginning and its end are the only certainties. There is only one beginning and there can only be one end to a task. But this tension between beginnings and endings accompany us our entire lives. A day, a night, a day’s work, sowing, reaping, a course, a project, a commitment. It is the same with every step of our lives, a path, a prayer, a song, a promise, anger, sickness, an encounter,Read More
PARAGUAY, Naty and Gustavo Insfran • The year that we were at the home shrine level was very special for us, since we were chosen as group leaders, and we lived it very intensely. Since last March, we proposed preparing our home shrine, and we handcrafted it with our daughters, involving the whole family. We decided to build the little home for the Blessed Mother ourselves, and once it was finished, we began the task of conquering the symbols, thus each one gave their little grain of sand toward itsRead More
Today, Benjamín Paz responds: He is a nationally Certified Public Accountant; he is married and the father of four children. He has belonged to the Schoenstatt Movement in Tucumán, Argentina, for 20 years. “My wife and I belong to the Family Federation. I was a bursar, a Shrine director, president of the Mater Admirabilis Foundation, couples’ groups facilitator, Family Apostolic League leader, Boy’s Youth group advisor, guardian of the Shrine, a Mary’s volunteer …Most importantly, Blessed Mother, being the father of a Sister of Mary: Sr. Nazaret!” • Now overRead More
FRANCIS IN THE UNITED STATES • Pope Francis celebrated the closing Mass of the 8th World Meeting of Families on 27 September in Philadelphia, during which he reiterated the family institution as the “right place for faith to become life, and life to grow in faith.” He called on them to abandon sterile divisions and to care for our common home. “God wants all his children to take part in the feast of the Gospel,” he told the crowds, where estimated at 1.5 million people took part in the EucharisticRead More
FRANCIS IN THE UNITED STATES • From the great speech to the1 United States Congress to homeless people. “The images of Francis on the TV here show how much he is in contact with the people,” commented Claudia Echenique from Argentina during Pope Francis’ visit to the United States. “Jesus keeps knocking on our door in the faces of our brothers and sisters,” said the Pope in his meeting with homeless people at the Charitable Centre of St. Patrick’s Parish in Washington. “You make me think of Saint Joseph. YourRead More