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INDIA, Fr. Renson Panegaden ISch, Fr. Alwin Njezhunghan ISch •  SALTT (Schoenstatt Academy for Life Transformation and Transmission) organized a pilgrimage to Kanakamala in Kerala, a famous place of pilgrimage during the Holy Week, especially on Good Friday. Many pilgrims climb the hill as an act of prayer and offering. It is mostly covered by forests and has a spiritual significance attributed to St. Thomas, one of the apostles of Jesus who arrived in India in 52 AD. The tradition of pilgrimage to this hill began in 1940. —  PrayingRead More
CHURCH REACHING OUT IN TIMES OF CORONAVIRUS, MESSAGE OF POPE FRANCIS FOR HOLY WEEK 2020 • Pope Francis sends this video message to Christians around the world as we prepare to celebrate Holy Week in an unusual manner due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. He prays especially for those suffering and for all the families whose lives have been upset in this difficult time.— He noted how difficult and full of suffering these weeks have been for the many people whose lives have been affected by Covid-19. “I can imagineRead More
ITALY, Federico Bauml • The traditional mission also took place during Holy Week this year. After two years in Vico Equense we were in Sant’Angelo d’Alife this year: new destination, old – amazing – successful.— In recent years, the mission during Holy Week has become a great tradition for young people belonging to the parish of Santi Patroni d’Italia, which is closely linked to the Schoenstatt Movement. A tradition, which despite many difficulties, is renewed each year, finding new life and new fire. Fire Yeah, fire. In Latin Ignis, theRead More
PARAGUAY, Javier Vera Brizuela • “I was in prison and you visited me…”(Matt. 25:36). For four years, a group of people has visited the Itaugua Educational Center (CEI) every Saturday. This is a place where minor boys are deprived of their freedom; in other words, it is a Juvenile Detention Center. Even it is only one person, the boys are visited and a ministry of accompaniment is carried out, so that they can be re-inserted into society once they are released from incarceration. This year theCatholic University Missions (MUC), foundedRead More

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New Man Crusade 2017

BRAZIL, Boys’ Youth Paraná • For the nineteenth time, Holy Week of Jumas Paraná was filled with self-giving and sacrifice with the New Man Crusade, a walk of some kilometers, annually since 1999. And over the last few years, the number of young boys continues to grow. In the 2017 edition and with the motto: “No longer I, but Christ lives in me…!” (Galatians: 2:20), approximately 220 people had the opportunity to participate in the crusade that was filled with new developments. First there was a change in kilometers fromRead More
ITALY, Federico Bauml • As per the Schoenstatt Movement in Italy’s tradition, this year’s family event was held during Holy Week. “There were twenty-eight Italians, one Argentinean, one Brazilian, one Bolivian, one Frenchman, five Paraguayan and one dog…” What may have seemed like the beginning of a fun joke was in fact the composition of the Italian Mission group for Holy Week 2017: a heterogeneous group of teenagers, families, college students, graduates and young workers. Experiencing the beauty of the 2017 Mission setting with sun and the sea in Vico Equense,Read More
COSTA RICA, Margarita Morera de Escorriola • Family after celebrating his last Mass in the Adoration Church on Mount Schoenstatt on 15 September 1968. Faithful to the Father and Founder’s sending forth during Holy Week, a group of families and youths from Costa Rica’s Schoenstatt Movement, placed themselves at the service of the Church. They went out to encounter others with a missionary spirit accompanying Jesus at Calvary, in his Passion and Resurrection. The Blessed Mother’s presence grows in San Martín San Martín is a coastal town located in Guanacaste,Read More
SOUTH AFRICA, Sarah-Leah Pimentel and Schoenstatt Girls/Women’s League • When we tell our stories of covenant solidarity, we mostly mention our efforts to live our covenant of love by reaching out to others and going to the peripheries of our societies to share the graces of our covenant relationship. It is good to tell these stories because each act of covenant solidarity helps our Mother and Queen to add “stone on stone in building up your Schoenstatt work” as we pray in our evening prayer. These stories also encourage othersRead More
PARAGUAY, Catholic University Missions (MUC) 2016, by Melanie Wenger • This year during Holy Week for the last time, I returned to a town very far from home called Buena Vista. Buena Vista does not have luxuries; it is not full of automobiles or people walking hurriedly, there are no businesses on every corner, and you do not hear the honking of those going to work. There are no city comforts; you do not see large crowds of people on the move. It might be said it is a townRead More
SPAIN, by Javier Díaz-Laviada• Captained by the Blessed Mother, ninety Schoenstatt missionaries embarked on the family missions to San Miguel Parish, at Peñarroya, Pueblo Nuevo for the second year. Fr. Manuel, the pastor, and all his people, welcomed them again with the best that they had: their smiles, their simplicity, their hospitality and affection. They celebrated the days of Jesus’ Passion and Resurrection with them through workshops for people of all ages that were well attended. In solidarity, they accompanied the parishioners in their processions with the Christ of GoodRead More