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BURUNDI, Révérien BANZIRIYUBUSA • “Let us give thanks for this Year of Divine Mercy, help us to be merciful to one another like the Heavenly Father” was the main theme around which millions of faithful, along with all the Burundian bishops and the Apostolic Nuncio officially celebrated the closing of the Jubilee Year of Mercy and the Feast of Christ the King, on Sunday, 29 November 2016, at Mount Sion Gikungu. Mount Sion Gikungu, a Schoenstatt Shrine, was elaborately decorated. To welcome the pilgrims, a banner displaying the theme ofRead More
BURUNDI, Hermès Ntabiriho • In 1989, two Burundian deacons were received as candidates to the Schoenstatt Institute of Diocesan Priests. A year later, deacons Denis Ndikumana and Adelin Gacukuzi were ordained as priests by Pope John Paul II during his historic visit to Burundi. On Friday, 4 December 2015, the many priests belonging to this Schoenstatt Institute, together with their General Rector, Fr. Peter Wolff, officially celebrated the founding of their region and the launch of their activities. The event took place during the Mass in the Mont Sion GikunguRead More