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75 Years …

GERMANY, Roberto M. González • Normally, great jubilees or birthday celebrations are always something big and filled with joy.  This year has not been the exception as we get to celebrate the birth of twins born in an unexpected place, in “the city of death, of madmen and slaves,” (Fr. J.K.) hell on earth, the 1942 summer of hunger – Dachau Concentration Camp. We speak of the founding commemoration of the Family Institutes and the Brothers of Mary. These twins were born only two hours apart, in a very complicatedRead More
GERMANY, Sebastian Roth• Presenting – With YOU More Happens! With this motto the “Night of the Shrine 2017” wants to offer inspiration and bring Schoenstatt alive at the beginning of September (01-03.09). Even though, on account of its geographical situation, this event mainly attracts German youth and young adults, we will be dealing with topics that are valid worldwide. We want to open Schoenstatt to the world and prepare ourselves for the future. That is why this year’s motto is: “Presenting – With YOU more happens!” Take the step andRead More
GERMANY, Georg Schick • Man, has it really been 20 years? In 1997 a Youth Festival took place at Liebfrauenhöhe with the motto: “You are valuable.” It was legendary;  “JuFe” (Insider slang for youth festival), a motto that almost achieved eternal status, a signet (the “JUFe” figure), which is still a trend inside the Schoenstatt Movement years later… And all this happened twenty years ago? Yes. The core team celebrated the 20th anniversary with a small family festival at Ulm-Harthausen.  In 1997, the JuFe cloths were pulled up at theRead More

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On fire for Belmonte

ROMA BELMONTE, Fr. Christian Löhr, Superior General of the Schoenstatt Institute of Diocesan Priests  • On 9 May, I received a visit of a Mothers’ Federation course at Mount Moriah. Because of this course’s history, they are on fire for Belmonte, and they wanted to be a part of the crowning process of the Blessed Mother at Belmonte. They offered a great deal of capital of grace, so that our Father and Founder, Joseph Kentenich will also be recognized by the Universal Church through Belmonte. The photos show the group atRead More
GERMANY Georg Schick • On the afternoon of the weekend celebrations, Carolin Ankenbauer’s song, “We are the New Generation, Your Future,” was the one the Girls’ Youth spontaneously requested after the “Take me” concert. It was also the Girls’ Youth that began construction on the shrine in Ulm, Germany during the war years.  At that time, Fr. Kentenich often stayed in Ulm and spoke about the grounds for a future shrine, with views of the cathedral, and that from this place, history would be written. This is how the firstRead More
GERMANY,  Bernhard Hyneck • The daughter Shrine in Ulm-Söflingen, affectionately called the Chapel, is celebrating its anniversary.  The chapel has stood on top of the mountain with a view over the city of Ulm for 70 years, not like most Schoenstatt Shrines in Germany that are only 50 years or 60 years old. This event is to be celebrated on Sunday, May 28, 2017 at 2 pm, with a festive Mass celebration with the German Schoenstatt Movement leader, Father Ludwig Guethlein. Afterwards a celebration for all the families with coffee,Read More
Germany, Regina und Matthias Hagmann • Six couples each sat at their own table. Soft music was playing in the background. An empty picture frame laid in front of them. There was a long table next to them with craft materials, papers, colors, fabrics…Together they thought about how they would implement and shape an image that accompanied them through the following days for their marriage. At the end of the retreat, these images stood on the altar in the Shrine, and it was palatable that the couples were on theRead More
GERMANY, Maria Fischer • “Last Monday, all the participants of the diocesan gathering were in favor of our participation. I was given the honorable task of communicating that the Shrine of Solidarity will be present – living up to its name,” Renate Siebenkäs said last week. That is in being part of the project that was born out of the “Dreamteam” (the circle of collaborators). Beginning in January, we placed ourselves in Covenant solidarity with Pope Francis, making his initiative of “praying for urgent intentions” our own “with theRead More
GERMANY, by Maria Fischer and Renate Siebenkäs • Mary, I want to learn from you, what it means that God’s thoughts are not mine, and that his ways are not mine, that his will, which is often inconceivable, ultimately is good for me. I want to learn from you, that there is no life without sacrifice and this does not make me bitter rather it makes me more mature, and the purpose and blessing lies in this.   Extracted from the book in German: The Woman who Takes Me toRead More
BELMONTE ROME, Maria Fischer • “Let us run to the city of David…” perchance did the author of this beautiful German Christmas carol find himself, at one time, in the daily Roman traffic jam, looking at his GPS, which showed the arrival time threateningly indicating that it coincide with the beginning of the Covenant Mass in the Belmonte Rome International Center, while the co-pilot was saying out loud: “Push, push, push”? Disregarding all the non-Roman traffic laws, we finally crossed through the Center’s entrance gate punctually at 5:30 p.m., whileRead More