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POPE FRANCIS – GENERAL AUDIENCE• “Easter is the most important feast day of our faith… because it is the feast of our salvation, the feast of God’s love for us, the feast and the celebration of His death and Resurrection” On Wednesday morning, 28 March 2018, Pope Francis dedicated his General Audience to the Easter Tridiuum, speaking to thousands of pilgrims from Italy and other countries around the world in St. Peter’s Square. “These days [of the Easter Tridiuum] constitute the memorial of a single great mystery: the death andRead More
FRANCIS IN ROME • “Then we’ll have a serious conversation with the Blessed Mother and the Lord one of these days,” my friend José A. said, after sharing his thoughts on Whatsapp about Francis’ catechesis on 28 December, where he said: “complaining to the Lord is a way of praying. At times when I hear confession, people say: “I complained to the Lord …”, and I respond: “No, complain! He is the father!”. This is a way of praying: complaining to the Lord, this is good.” He is Father.  TrulyRead More
FRANCIS IN ROME – HOLY YEAR OF MERCY • Thousands of Catholics and pilgrims from many countries once again stood in St. Peter’s Square on 25 May to participate in Pope Francis’ general audience, continuing his series of catechesis on Mercy in the New Testament.  The Holy Father unpacked the theme of prayer based on the reading of a passage from St. Luke’s gospel (18:1-8). “Prayer does not work like a magic wand! It helps us keep faith in God, and to entrust ourselves to him even when we do notRead More
FRANCIS IN ROME – HOLY YEAR OF MERCY • It’s not about knowing what chocolate is, what ingredients it contains or where it comes from. Only by putting the chocolate into your mouth and tasting its sweetness, can you encounter chocolate, an encounter that makes you want to share and give others chocolate…It’s not only about knowing mandarins, eating and tasting them. One needs to plant the mandarin tree. The concrete step to action, to the real. This lesson from the Workshop on Kentenich Communication in Tuparenda fits in withRead More
FRANCIS IN ROME — HOLY YEAR OF MERCY • Many Catholics and pilgrims from various countries again gathered in St. Peter’s Square on the third Wednesday of April to attend Pope Francis’ general audience, where he continued his catechetical series on Mercy in the New Testament.   Complete text of the Holy Father’s catechesis on 20 April 2016 Dear Brothers and Sisters, Good morning! Today we would like to stop and wonder at an aspect of mercy which is well presented in the passage we heard from the Gospel ofRead More

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Mercy and power

FRANCIS IN ROME – HOLY YEAR OF MERCY • A topic that is both daring and current: mercy and power. “May all forms of power be service, justice and mercy, like Jesus,” said the Pope. May all forms of power in the state in the world of work, in the Church, in movements, in communication be service, justice and mercy. A challenge. What Francis suggests, questions the reality of many countries, parts of the Church, places of work, so many areas. Today, on the Lenten journey in the Holy YearRead More
FRANCIS IN ROME – HOLY YEAR OF MERCY • The General Audience on 3 February, a week before the start of Lent and just before his visit to Mexico, Francis moved through St. Peter’s Square greeting the pilgrims accompanied by two children whom he invited to climb onto the popemobile. The Holy Father dedicated the General Audience to divine justice and perfect mercy, as well as forgiveness. “This is a difficult journey. It requires that those who have been wronged be ready to forgive and desire good and salvation forRead More
FRANCIS IN ROME • In this catechesis at the general audience that Pope Francis held on the first Wednesday of November in St. Peter’s Square, attended by several thousand Catholics and pilgrims from numerous countries, the Holy Father referred to the family as a “training ground for mutual giving and forging,” without which there cannot be lasting love. Francis first of all recalled that the recent Assembly of the Synod of Bishops “reflected in depth on the vocation and the mission of the family in the life of the ChurchRead More
FRANCIS IN ROME • In this Wednesday’s general audience, Pope Francis asked forgiveness for the recent “scandals” in Rome and the Vatican and highlighted the value of bringing a child to life. “Before beginning the catechesis, on behalf of the Church, to ask for your forgiveness for the scandals that have happened in recent times both in Rome and in the Vatican. I ask your forgiveness,” the Pontiff stated during the general audience in St. Peter’s Square. The Pope dedicated his catechesis to a reflection on the “promises we makeRead More
FRANCIS IN ROME • The books containing Pope Francis’ Wednesday weekly catechesis on the family are already available, for example at the Libreria Editrice Vaticana, with the titles: The Family: The World’s generating force and The family, God’s masterpiece [not yet available in English]. It seems that there will be a another book, because during the general audience on the first Wednesday of October in St. Peter’s Square before thousands of Catholics and pilgrims from numerous countries, Pope Francis continued with his weekly catechesis on the family, this time focusingRead More