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PARAGUAY, Jorge Hrisuk • The “Shrine of the South”, in the Itapúa Department with its capital— Encarnación — a city founded on 25 March 1615 by Jesuit, San Roque González of Santa Cruz (the first Paraguayan saint), stopped being a dream a little more than ten years since the founding of the Movement there. — In 2006 Fr. Antonio Cosp, of the Paraguayan Schoenstatt founding generation and the National Director of the Movement at that time, extended a public invitation via social media to those who were interested in beginningRead More

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The awaited visit

PARAGUAY, by José and Sonia Zaracho • Fulfilling her promise made the previous year, a great person again visited us. She brought us more knowledge about Fr. Joseph Kentenich. When we went to welcome her at Posadas, Argentina Airport, we asked her why she came to Paraguay through this city since she could have arrived at Asunción’s Silvio Pettirossi Airport. She confidently and spontaneously answered: “To once again see the place where Fr. Kentenich looked at Paraguay.” Fr. Kentenich had looked at Paraguay from Puerto of Posadas, and he lookedRead More
FRANCIS IN CUBA – MISSIONARY OF MERCY • In Holguín, the easternmost part of Cuba, Pope Francis celebrated the second large mass of his apostolic visit to the island, at Plaza de la Revolución. Holguín – the third largest city in Cuba and which has never had a papal visit – received the Pontiff with great enthusiasm. Pope Francis’ homily at the mass celebrated at Plaza de la Revolución in Holguín (21 September 2015) We are celebrating the feast of the apostle and evangelist Saint Matthew. We are celebrating theRead More