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Pope Francis has invited a group of homeless people from Rome to go to Turin to pray before the Holy Shroud, which will be on exhibit in the city until June 24, the Vatican newspaper, “L’Osservatore Romano” confirmed. Pope Francis wanted to offer these pilgrims, without resources, the opportunity to participate in this event.He financed the trip for two buses for those who often live and sleep beneath the columns of Saint Peter’s Square and its surroundings. He did it through the management of the Vatican almoner, Konrad Krajewski, whoRead More
Communities that are fearful and without joy are sick, they are not Christian communities. That was the message of Pope Francis at his morning Mass at the Casa Santa Marta. “Fear” and “joy” – those are the two words of the liturgy of the day. Fear, the Pope said, “is an attitude that harms us. It weakens us, it diminishes us. It even paralyzes us.” A person who is afraid “does nothing, doesn’t know what to do.” He is focused on himself, so that nothing bad will happen.” Fear “bringsRead More
Zimbabwe, Marlene Peter • On 29 March 2015, the Zimbabwe Schoenstatt Family began again the nine-week Queen of Africa novena in preparation for the crowning of Our Blessed Mother Thrice Admirable as Queen of Africa on 31 May 2015. This was to be the 35th time they have done so, having first crowned her on 31 May 1981. At the time, Zimbabwe had just come out of a bloody liberation war and the future seemed very uncertain. Zimbabwe was not the only country in Africa with serious problems and fears,Read More
In his catechesis during the general audience on the first Wednesday of May, at the start of spring in St. Peter’s Square in the presence of several thousand Christians and pilgrims from many countries, Pope Francis referred to the beauty of Christian marriage as part of his reflections on the family. Complete text of the catechesis Family: the beauty of Christian marriage Dear Brothers and Sisters, Good morning, In our journey of catecheses on the family, today we touch directly on the beauty of Christian marriage. It is not merelyRead More
In his catechesis at the general audience on the third Wednesday of May in St. Peter’s Square in the presence of several thousand Christians and pilgrims from many countries, Pope Francis continued his reflections on the family and real life, this time focusing on one of its fundamental vocations, that is, the education of children. Complete text of Pope Francis’ catechesis Family and real life: the vocation of educating children Today, dear brothers and sisters, I would like to welcome you because I saw many families among you. Good morningRead More
In the general audience of the second Wednesday of May, the feast of Our Lady of Fatima, on a spring day in St. Peter’s Square before several thousand Christians and pilgrims from many countries, Pope Francis continued his catechesis on the family and real, everyday life, on the doorway of which are written three words that he has already spoken about, namely: May 1?, thank you, and sorry. Complete text of the Holy Father’s Catechesis translated from the Italian The Family — Three Words Dear Brothers and Sisters, Good morning!Read More
Italy, Sicily Patricia Carollo, journalist • The family is not always and only that of our origin. Jesus said: “And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or fields, for my name’s sake, will receive a hundredfold…” (Matthew 19:29). Well, the Schoenstatt Family also exists; it was beloved and thought of by its Founder, Father Joseph Kentenich, who in 1914, in Germany along with a group of seminarians consecrated himself to Mary, in a chapel, which was later transformed into the Schoenstatt ShrineRead More
Every part of the Church, and many others outside of her – believers or non-believers – have received Pope Francis` clear and hope-filled words. They are also words that motivate us to assume the responsibility we all have to build a world in accordance to the Will of God, in the strength of the Spirit and through the way of Christ. Cardinals and bishops, priests, men and women religious, novices and seminarians, families, the youth and elderly, communities and institutes have received this challenge to go out “onto the street”Read More
CHILE/CUBA, Father Pedro Pablo Celis • After celebrating the 100 years as a Schoenstatt Family, we began to see the fruits and graces of this Jubilee. We have had the opportunity to look back to express gratitude for the gifts we have received throughout all these years, renewing our ideals and beginning to plan the next one hundred years. When we look toward the future, it is necessary to begin from who we are, from our identity. The Latin American Boys’ Youth, but especially the Chilean Boys’ Youth has identifiedRead More
The Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelisation published the official prayer for the Jubilee of Mercy, the Holy Year that Pope Francis proclaimed, starting on 8 December 2015, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, and will culminate on 20 November 2016 on the Solemnity of the Christ the King. The prayer can be found on the official website of the Jubilee of Mercy, the theme of which is taken from St. Luke’s Gospel: “Merciful as the Father,” and invites all the faithful in the world to comeRead More