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CHILE/ARGENTINA, Fr. Claudio Martínez Felmer and the Editorial team • It seems that it was recently that everyone accompanied Mary’s Crusade for the blessing of a wayside shrine in the Andes. “The Blessed Mother of the Andes’ Wayside Shrine was blessed with a Mass and with receiving a great surprise from Pope Francis’ greeting and blessing. Its foundation collected the contributions of young boys and hundreds of “crusaders of solidarity” throughout the world. “We were so happy and excited!” the crusaders said, while Maria Tedeschi, the oldest “crusader ofRead More
Argentina, Tucumán, by Silvia Sibay • Almost ten years ago, on September 8, 2005, three Schoenstatt Father novices made one of the legacies of their stay at Tucumán a reality: the construction and the blessing of a Wayside Shrine of our beloved Blessed Mother at Padilla Hospital, the place where they were carrying out their social work practicum. The pioneers: Joaquín, Claudio, and Manu sowed the seed. Today two of them are Schoenstatt Fathers: Fr. Claudio Martínez Felmer (Chile) and Fr. Manuel López Naón (Argentina). When they had to leave,Read More