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BURUNDI, Fr. Claudio Jeria • It’s the same the world over and Burundi, one of the poorest countries in Africa, is no different. Those who are without education are vulnerable and anyone can deceive them, play them for fools, take advantage of them and act unjustly towards them. Without education, they do not have the ability to know their rights and their potential. Lack of knowledge is slavery. Knowledge is freedom. Those who possess knowledge can speak out, fluently state their position, and have the agility to navigate their wayRead More
ROME/BURUNDI, Maria Fischer • Although several months have passed since the jar from Burundi was placed in the Shrine of all of us in Belmonte, along with the “jar of virtual solidarity” on, virtual contributions to fill the jar with the “wine” of peace and reconciliation for this country still continue to arrive. Well! The violence continues, also insecurity and a difficult destiny await the thousands of Burundians in neighboring countries. Those who attended the National Conference of the Italian Schoenstatt Movement in Belmonte on 6 September saw the jarRead More