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VENEZUELA, Xiomara Pilar Mora Roma and Maria Fischer • “Good day! My name is Xiomara; I live in Valencia, Venezuela.  I would like to know if there is a Pilgrim Mother in this city, or if it is possible to have one. I have known about this title for several years. Some friends from Spain introduced her to me through a Whatsapp prayer group, and since then I have identified myself with her. Recently a sister-in-law gave me a medal brought from Argentina, but here in Venezuela I have neverRead More
VENEZUELA, Daniel Rodriguez, interviewed by María Fischer • “Arrived” – a single word sent on WhatsApp on 23 October 2017, but it was a story of love, trust, and giving of self: on October 23, a picture of the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother arrived in Barquisimeto, Venezuela that a young missionary, Daniel Ramirez, age 16 eagerly awaited. A response to a great desire “Everything began on 15 September 2017,” the young man commented. “He knew about the Schoenstatt Movement for several years, but it did not interest me. On September 15,Read More
TENERIFE/AUSTRIA, María Dolores Fernández Lapuente • María Dolores Fernández Lapuente is an Argentinean physician, currently living in Austria, who previously lived in Tenerife, Spain, where at that time, a wayside shrine of our Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt was blessed.  The name of the shrine is “Desciende María” [“Mary, descend”] located in Bajamar and found on the shrines and wayside shrines’ map. In addition to the wayside shrine, the Pilgrim Mother is also already traveling in Tenerife. The first Tenerife Pilgrim Mother on pilgrimage Dolores relates:  The first Pilgrim MotherRead More
ARGENTINA, by Mercedes MacDonough and María Fischer • During the Angelus on Sunday, 29 May, after celebrating the jubilee Mass for in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis reminded the participants for the celebration on Wednesday, 1 June, for the International Children’s Gathering and he communicated a special initiative: “Next Wednesday, 1 June, on the occasion of the International Children’s Day, the Christian communities of Syria, both Catholic and Orthodox, together will raise a special prayer for peace, which will have children themselves as its protagonists. The Syrian children invite childrenRead More