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By Matías Rodríguez/University Students from Campanario – via www.jmschoenstatt.cl • In the last century, Father Kentenich stood firm in saying that we were experiencing an epoch without fathers. The different crises we are experiencing today have a great relationship to this lack of paternity. Leadership, welcoming, responsibility for one’s own, and education in freedom and love are characteristics of a father which are no longer seen today with a simple glance into our families, institutions and symbols of authority. Now we can go beyond what was expressed by Father JosephRead More

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Dad, you are my hero

PARAGUAY, Dequeni, by Clara Paez, in the magazine “Ejempla” • This is the story of a father who prevented his two sons from succumbing to child labor. It is an example of responsible paternity to celebrate this Father’s Day. At the beginning they were a happy family Dionisio Valdez had finished the 4th grade when he decided to drop out of school to begin to work. Like many, he was ‘abuela memby’ (a grandmother’s son), although he knew his parents, the relationship with them was never close and much lessRead More
PARAGUAY, María Fischer • Jean Paul says, every first thing lasts eternally. Therefore after a week in Paraguay, after the barbeque, Paraguayan chips and dips, I still had not had the famous tereré [herbal tea]. The time came on a sunny and very hot Monday, five kilometers from Tuparenda, surrounded with smiles and expectant looks, a “Do you want tea? I made it for you, shall we drink it together?” A frightened look in Father Pedro Kuehlcke’s eyes was transformed into complete satisfaction at the moment of my first sip.Read More
ARGENTINA, Buenos Aires, Mercedes Bonorino • “His death left a seed that those of us who were at his side have to make germinate,” Ricardo Lanusse expressed. On Saturday, May 9 – on the 78th anniversary of his birth – one hundred people attended the “Encounter with Father Esteban Uriburu” close to the Sion Shrine in Florencio Varela. It was more than a tribute. The proposal consisted in deepening in his ideal of life to enkindle oneself in his fire. To gather where he rests touches one, because it was thereRead More