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Día de Alianza en el santuario de Santa Cruz do Sul
BRAZIL, Ruy Kaercher, Maria Fischer • “You gather what I am aiming at: I would like to make this place a place of pilgrimage, a place of grace for our house and for the whole German province, and perhaps even further afield. All those who come here to pray shall experience the glory of Mary and confess: “It is good for us to be here. Here we will build our tents, here our favorite place.” Words from the first Founding Document that we Schoenstatters know almost by heart. Words thatRead More
Retiro Mallorca - alianzas
SPAIN, pdb • On the island of Mallorca in Spain, we began a new retreat day with the theme “Mother, behold your children”, centered on the Unity Cross. — We began on Friday evening with a vigil in front of the cross. Everyone wrote on a piece of paper what they wanted to offer to Jesus and the Blessed Mother, united in the Unity Cross, so proper to us Schoenstatters, what we wanted to ask or what we wanted to give thanks for. The following day, Saturday, the retreat beganRead More
bolsas de caridad
ECUADOR, Maria Fischer • “The Catholic Church, which through this Ecumenical Council holds high the torch of religious truth, wants to show herself as the loving mother of all, kind, patient, full of mercy and goodness…”. It has been 60 years since these words of St. John XXIII were heard at the opening of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council. This loving Church Mother of all is experienced in hundreds and hundreds of corners of the world. We experience, concretely and with our hands, in front of the shrine in Quito,Read More
bolsas de caridad
ECUADOR, María Fischer • Actually, they have long been pilgrims, part of Schoenstatt’s popular and pilgrimage movement. They come to the Shrine (at least) once a month or perhaps more often, some even every Sunday. They seek an encounter with God, with Mary, the Mother of Grace, who is also the Bread Mother, as Father Joseph Kentenich made clear in the Dachau concentration camp. There, during the time of famine, he pointed out that as a mother, she not only cares for the spiritual well-being of her children, but alsoRead More
CHILE, Maria Fischer • There is a new book about Fr. Kentenich that came out a few weeks before the 50th Anniversary of his death, which was to be expected in a year dedicated to him. But it is not one just more book about him or of him, nor is it a book of photographs or a book of his writings— there has already been a great deal of that. This new book has a different format from usual, it is in black and white (a lot of black,Read More
USA, Pilar Huerta • The Texas Family’s October Day Celebration was held at Cor Unum in Patre Shrine, Mount Schoenstatt, Archdiocese of San Antonio, TX, USA, on Sunday, October 22.  “Our Heavenly Father provided us with a beautiful sunny day for our family celebration,” someone remarked gratefully. Schoenstatt family and friends from six dioceses came on pilgrimage to visit the Mother Thrice Admirable and celebrate as one family united in the heart of the Father and in the heart of the Father and Founder, Fr. Joseph Kentenich.  The Shrine’s guardiansRead More
Marcelo Luzardi, Paraguay, for Tupãrenda Magazine • Maria Fischer is coordinator for the well-known site, schoenstatt.org – Schoenstatters online.  We make use of her passing through Paraguay to listen to her points of view. We could say that you are a frequent visitor in our country.  How do you see Paraguay developing? This is the third time I have visited Paraguay.  The first time, I was invited by Fr. Antonio Cosp to experience its Movement with its projects and ministries that we shared sometime ago with the entire International SchoenstattRead More
ITALY / ARGENTINA, Pamela Fabiano • The secret to being happy, ten meditations on the Gospel is a new book by Fr. Cruz Viale, a Schoenstatt Father, who lives and teaches in Cordoba (Argentina) and for some years has lived in Rome, where he earned a doctorate in moral theology at the prestigious Pontifical Gregorian University. The book, published by Editions Patris Argentina, is a collection of ten meditations on the meaning of mercy, as revealed by Jesus in the Gospels. Following St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Augustine – through modernRead More
GERMANY, Maria Fischer • It was a sunny and warm afternoon in July of 2012, in the center of Stuttgart, in Theresia Zehnder’s well-lit and smartly furnished apartment.  Already an octogenarian, only recently she had worked as a photographer in her studio “Hostrup.”  She had coffee and sweets on the table while the camera and microphone were being set up.  A perfect professional: “Will my photo picture be OK?” she asked me, “I do not want it to be a simple snapshot!”  Oh, Oh, Oh… She had taken photos ofRead More
BRAZIL, Karen Bueno • On the 23rd – 27th this past August in the southern Brazilian state of Paraná, Londrina hosted the First International Schoenstatt Congress on Education. The scientific event, organized by the Madre de Dios College, in conjunction with Londrina State University (UEL) and the North University of Paraná (UNOPAR), gathered students, directors, and professors from various countries with the objective of deepening and debating the pedagogical approach of Father Joseph Kentenich, founder of the Apostolic Schoenstatt Movement. Approximately 600 participants from eight countries participated in conferences andRead More