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SCHOENSTATT, Maricruz García Piñeres • Leading for Love is the name of this family leadership seminar for Schoenstatt couples, which my husband Andrés and I attended from 14-21 August in Schoenstatt. — We arrived at “Haus der Familie” on the Saturday, two days before the start of the seminar. From the first moment I felt welcome in this house. We excitedly took advantage of those first free days to get know the Original Shrine and the Family Shrine. It seemed incredible to me to kneel and to pray in thoseRead More
SCHOENSTATT, Marisol Lara de la Cruz • Our participation in the Leading for Love Seminar in Schoenstatt was a profound learning experience, spiritual growth and community attachment. The Seminar was held in Spanish for the third time from 14-21 August, and was attended by twelve couples from six countries: Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the United States. Three communities, or better said the three vocations of the Schoenstatt Family Work were represented in this group (League, Federation, Institute).—   All the couples arrived in Schoenstatt with different motivesRead More

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A Second honeymoon

PARAGUAY, Adriana Cardozo • At the entrance of the Retreat House, the hosts (affectionately called “parents) warm welcome and a postcard marked the official start of a long-awaited marriage adventure, the Family Branch retreat at the introductory level. After a self-knowledge workshop, forty-seven couples from different cities belonging to the Diocese of San Lorenzo were ready to relive the best years of their lives together especially learning facets that they had never discovered in each other. The premise of the first workshops was very interesting. The focus on self-knowledge wasRead More
PARAUGAY, Carina and Arnaldo Balbuena, Mónica and Christian Díaz • It is always a joy and a celebration to welcome couples, who after learning about Schoenstatt and its Family Work, decide to begin the itinerary of introduction; this happened recently in Luque. It is a magnificent opportunity of giving back a little of everything that Mary and this wonderful movement, in which we are growing and forming ourselves as a family, has already given us. It is really a heavenly gift that we want to share with the people weRead More
PARAGUAY, Horacio José Chávez Tottil • “One seldom sees a 15 year-old, who is already so mature and rich in every aspect. I still recall the first baby steps that we took as a community…” This is how Fr. Antonio Cosp remembers the beginnings of the Schoenstatt Family in the Diocese of San Lorenzo (DSL), which now joyfully and proudly celebrated its 15 years of life, where the National Shrine of Tupãrendá is located. On 4 January 2001, a group of people met to found the Schoenstatt Movement in theRead More
Today Sonia Zárate and José Antonio Zaracho respond: We have been married for 31 years, we have 3 children: José Emilio (28), José Roberto (23) and María Florencia (19). We belong to the Family Branch of the Diocese of Encarnación, and currently we are fulfilling our commission as leaders of the Family Branch and we are postulants of the 1st Circle of the Apostolic League • Over a year into the pilgrimage through the second century of the covenant of love…what is your dream for this Schoenstatt in who weRead More