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MEXICO, by Brenda López Garza • With the desire to work for the ideal to be and to form loyal, firm and joyful families, a long held dream became a reality: to carry out the first Schoenstatt Family Mission in Monterrey. With trust in God and with the support of the contributions deposited in the capital of grace, a group of fifty missionaries, composed of six Schoenstatt Families in Monterrey, boys and girls from the Boys’ and Girls’ Youth, and Fr. Gonzalo Castro carried out the mission in the LaRead More
ECUADOR, by Fabián Eguiguren and Juan Carlos Terán J. • The Quito Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement has worked for three years in Jama – Manabí with their parish priest, Fr. Leonel Zapata, through the apostolate of the Family Missions. Their work is to visit towns and parish families, always in coordination with Fr. Leonel, supporting the parish priest and the catechist’s work of catechesis and collaborating with the training talks for the children and youths of the parish. The earthquake 16 April had a devastating effect in Jama, materially as wellRead More
ARGENTINA, by AICA (Catholic News Agency of Argentina) • The Schoenstatt Family from the Diocese of Resistencia experienced a second year of the first cycle of Family Missions in the Chaco region of Las Garcitas, on 19-24 July 2016. Fr. Martín Gómez, the adviser of the Family from Resistencia, participated; a seminarian from India accompanied him. Six couples with children, seventy-five teens and youths from different parts of the country (La Plata, Ituzaingó, Paraná) went.  They set aside their vacations and comforts to share their faith and devotion for theRead More
PARAGUAY, Family Missions 2016, Rodolfo Melgarejo • “The Lord went out to sow, and in the heart of America, he found fertile land…” are the lyrics of a song, and today the Lord once again went out to sow in Paraguay.  Ten towns, with more than a thousand people, mad for Christ. Yes crazy, as we left comforts such as sleeping in a bed, bathing with warm water and there were days we had no water. During this truly cold winter, it rained, but this was nothing if we placeRead More
PARAGUAY, Family Missions 2016, by Roberto Galeano Monti • Sunday, July 1-7, 2016– Our Lady of Victory Parish, Villa Hayes 9:40 a.m. – Blessing of a wayside shrine near the street in honor of Schoenstatt’s MTA closing the cycle of Family Missions. The church is on the other side. A group of youths set up a rosary made of balloons filled with helium in the midst of the people. 9: 44 a.m. – The youths launched the balloon rosary into the air. Everyone expected to watch how it rose toRead More
SPAIN, by Javier Díaz-Laviada• Captained by the Blessed Mother, ninety Schoenstatt missionaries embarked on the family missions to San Miguel Parish, at Peñarroya, Pueblo Nuevo for the second year. Fr. Manuel, the pastor, and all his people, welcomed them again with the best that they had: their smiles, their simplicity, their hospitality and affection. They celebrated the days of Jesus’ Passion and Resurrection with them through workshops for people of all ages that were well attended. In solidarity, they accompanied the parishioners in their processions with the Christ of GoodRead More
MEXICO, Ligie and Memo Barragán • The Family Altar Campaign has emerged as a joint project of Course No. 8 of the Institute of Families from Chile, Nova Nazareth Patris, and Course No. 1 from Mexico, Nazareth of Guadalupe. The project’s desire is to take the treasure we have received in Schoenstatt to the Church and families who have experienced the richness of having a Home Shrine. It is a project that has the Holy Family as a model and that seeks: To go out and serve the Church throughRead More
ARGENTINA, by Lilita and Carlos Ricciardi • On Saturday, 30 January, the last day of La Plata’s Schoenstatt Family Missions at Magdalena, Francisco Carrera, a young, 76-year-old grandfather, told us about his first experience as a missionary. He is an engineer, a widower with daughters and grandchildren, and he has belonged to La Plata’s Family Work for about forty years. He is a Eucharistic Minister and a loyal guardian of Santuario de la Liberación del Padre (Shrine of Father’s Freedom). During the year, he attended meetings and he felt likeRead More
ARGENTINA, Mario and Marinés Martínez • Joyfully returning from the Family Missions, “beautiful experiences” perfectly describes what they felt during an unforgettable week. (And not just because of the suffocating heat). After Mass, departing from La Loma Shrine on Tuesday, 19 January, they took the Blessed Mother and Jesus with them toward Hernandarias, an area with a population of 9,000. The spiritual axis of the Missions was Mercy with the motto: “Together as a family, we build peace.” Ten families were divided into two schools; in total, there were slightlyRead More
ARGENTINA, by Carlos and Lilita Ricciardi • The Argentinean Marian Family Missions of the Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement will be carried out during the Year of Mercy from 24-31 January 2016, in Magdalena, Province of Buenos Aires, which is called the City of Mercy. Magdalena– City of Mercy The first “Divine Mercy City” is located in the Magdalena area. St. John Paul II (The mercy and family Pope) declared the world’s first one, thanks to the efforts of Bishop Ángel Diamante DÂuro, the pastor, at that time, of St. Mary MagdaleneRead More