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PARAGUAY, Johana Goodacre and Horacio Chávez • Villa Oliva is a small town in the department of Ñeembucú, a very large territory where the houses and families are separated into companies with 37,000 inhabitants located 86 kilometers from Asunción, Paraguay’s capital. Several months in advance, we began preparing our hearts for the family mission in Villa Oliva. We took off on our first mission with great expectations, with a group of youths, a couple, sixty people in total, and Fr. Oscar Saldívar. – On July 10, we arrived at theRead More
ARGENTINA, Lilita and Carlos Ricciardi, Maria Fischer • Accompanied by prayers and capital of grace of many people from La Plata and elsewhere made the Family Missions this year special with this touch of jubilee since it was the twentieth time that families and youths from La Plata went on mission. When Luis and Lorena Folonier with their three children now participating in their first mission as parents (although nineteen years ago they did it as an engaged couple) took the offering up during the Mass, it was an impressiveRead More
ARGENTINA, Carlos Ricciardi • On Sunday, 21 January, the Family Missions departed from the Liberation Shrine and the Family House of La Plata to Ranchos, in the Province of Buenos Aires. This area of only 8,000 residents, is 80 km from La Plata, and will be welcoming these missionary families for a second time. Before departing, they went to the Shrine to pray, to sing, and to leave the name of every missionary in the jar so the Blessed Mother will guide and accompany them, just like it has beenRead More
ARGENTINA, Lilita and Carlos Ricciardi • On Covenant Day, Monday, 18 December, in the Shrine of Father’s Liberation, in La Plata, Argentina, a prayer chain began for the Argentinean Marian Family Missions of the Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement. These will be carried out in Ranchos, Province Buenos Aires, from the 21 to 28 of January 2018, with families who belong to the Diocesan Family of La Plata and have 20 years of missionary experience, and in Seguí, Province Entre Ríos from the 22 to 28 Jaunuary 2018, with families who belongRead More
MÉXICO, Ana Echavarría Barros • Experiencing the Family Missions is always a gift from God and the Blessed Mother. From 1-6 August, we shared the joy of going on mission in Tapona and Obregón, two small communities in our state; Fr. Felipe Ríos Correa accompanied us. The people welcomed us warmly into their homes, and they joined us at the workshops for adults, youths, and children we had prepared. Mrs. Marcela’s testimony The roads that God has for us that touch our hearts are often unforeseen. One morning, we visitedRead More

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I did not want to go…

ECUADOR, Emilio Puñet • I had resisted for years, convincing myself that I had other ministries, so why would I invite more problems? It was not my thing…the heat, the discomfort, a trip of who knows how many hours… They were the first Family Missions in Jama with my wife, and everything I feared…happened! Worse still, the crowing rooster beneath our window never stopped crowing all night. And what if you are the exact instrument that God has chosen? Of course, capital of grace… I know. Everyone in Schoenstatt knowsRead More
COSTA RICA, Margarita Morera de Escorriola • Family after celebrating his last Mass in the Adoration Church on Mount Schoenstatt on 15 September 1968. Faithful to the Father and Founder’s sending forth during Holy Week, a group of families and youths from Costa Rica’s Schoenstatt Movement, placed themselves at the service of the Church. They went out to encounter others with a missionary spirit accompanying Jesus at Calvary, in his Passion and Resurrection. The Blessed Mother’s presence grows in San Martín San Martín is a coastal town located in Guanacaste,Read More
ARGENTINA, Lilita and Carlos Ricciardi • It is only three weeks until the start of La Plata’s Family Missions of the Schoenstatt Movement. This time, they will travel 80 km from La Plata to Ranchos, an area of only 8,000 residents in the Buenos Aires’ Province that will welcome these missionary families for the first time, from 22 to 29 January 2017. Fr. Alejandro Zelaya, a Schoenstatt Diocesan Priest and two couples will also go as observers to learn about the Family Missions, to encourage more Fr. Alejandro’s parish families inRead More
PARAGUAY, Rosi and Roberto Ruiz • The Blessed Mother had her eyes on our family long before we ever noticed. Looking back in retrospect, we verified many signs of her close presence, manifestations of her love, and of her call to which we responded with a yes before our boys belonged to the Boys’ Youth, and we were pilgrims without knowing it. We were concerned that the Blessed Mother sought a place in our home, since we had became a part of our original group “United to the Shrine,” andRead More

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Family Missions in Italy

ITALY – Fr. Alfredo Pereira • The art of ringing the bells, knocking on doors, the Pilgrim Mother traveling throughout town, community life, liturgies with the town people, people’s welcome, and sharing… A challenge of our times When there are so many questions about the family in different genres: anthropological, social, political, and above all religious, God calls some couples so that their marital love will also be missionary– a love that spreads outside their home.  Fr. Kentenich, founder of the Schoenstatt Movement, encouraged families previously during the ‘60’s notRead More