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Family branch in Nigeria
NIGERIA, Schoenstatt Fathers • The desire to have a Schoenstatt Family Branch in Nigeria has been an age long aspiration for the local community of the Schoenstatt Fathers. The dream became a reality on the 12th of May 2021, when a group of five couples came together to begin the first Schoenstatt Family League group. These couples were later joined by two more couples, bringing the total number to seven. — At this moment, the group is still at an introductory level. The intention is to build a close bondRead More
BRAZIL, Sueli Vilarinho • From Jaraguá in Brazil, the Family Branch carried out Coffee and Conversation for mothers and children. The event was held on Sunday, 15 April, in Jaraguá’s Sion Shrine.   Twenty-one mothers along with twenty-nine children participated. More than just conversation, this experience proposed that they get to know one another and be known, so that a mutual love would grow and flourish.   The children’s ages ranged from 8-34. Antonio Carlos Vicente and Sueli Vilarinho, with the presence of the adviser, Mrs. Raquel Padilla headed upRead More
PARAGUAY, Papito and Chiquita Martín • In August 2014, when we arrived in Ayolas commissioned by Fr. Antonio Cosp to found the Family Branch, our Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt already awaited us with a group of couples who had walked with the picture of the Pilgrim Mother with Mrs. Elodia Cardoza, an extraordinary missionary…Those couples opened their hearts to us and this how we began the great task of taking the message of God’s Kingdom to so many families in Ayolas. Today three years since initiating the task, thereRead More
SWITZERLAND, Urban Gehrig • Last year most likely the majority of the Leitungsteamtreffen (LTT) (Leaders’ Gathering) members from the Swiss Family Branch asked themselves “Good, and now what do we do with it?”  In September 2015 under Maria Fischer’s direction, they worked vigorously and attentively on a communication concept for the Swiss Family Branch that included three questions and their answers: WHAT do I want to achieve?  To reinforce families WHO do I want to reach?  Christian families and couples who want to grow WHAT MESSAGE do we want toRead More
PARAGUAY, Ayolas, by  Alejandro and Eva Frías • To begin to write the Family Branch history at Ayolas, one must begin around the year 1994, or perhaps much earlier than that with a large and enthusiastic group of women (mothers of families) and some men who began the Rosary Campaign in this community.  They were thirty-six missionaries, who with their prayer, commitment, mission, apostolate and enthusiasm, made it possible that today we can speak about the Family Branch as a seedbed of St. José Mí Parish’s Family Ministry. Another importantRead More