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VATICAN, The Opoe Video • The Pope Video for June has just been released with the prayer intention that Francis is entrusting to the entire Catholic Church through the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network. This month, the Holy Father prays “for Christian families around the world; may they embody and experience unconditional love and advance in holiness in their daily lives.” — The family at the center After having dedicated the May video to young people, the three-month Pope Video series about the family continues, created by the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer NetworkRead More
ARGENTINA, Juan Barbosa • The HALF PAST 6 Rosary, prayed by madrugadores from different places in Argentina, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Monterrey, Chile, and Venezuela, has caused a new link in the chain, which already includes the weekly Rosary with penitentiaries (the beginning of a new community and in the middle of quarantine) and the e-mateadas (e-“mate sessions” = ZOOM talks with different personalities): The Rosary of the families. In the first one that has been carried out, and which brought an intention to pray it monthly, 18 screens with 51Read More
GERMANY, Carmen Reinle • With the motto Apostle 2.0 “mitWIRken (with work)”, the first conference for German-speaking families will take place at the Belmonte International Schoenstatt Center in Rome from 24-31 August 2019.— In the many intensive years of accompanying young people and working on projects, we have experienced Belmonte as a very formative and inspiring place. Especially noticeable on the Belmonte pilgrimage for us was feeling the peace of spiritual homeland, an inner transformation and the apostolic mission again and again. Therefore it is important to bring the uniqueRead More
WORLD MEETING OF FAMILIES, Fr. José Luis Correa/Maria Fischer • “The World Meeting of Families has given great hope and encouragement that families are growing more and more conscious of their own irreplaceable role in passing the faith. Passing on the faith essentially takes place in the family; the faith is passed on in everyday speech, the language of the family,” Pope Francis said on Sunday, 26 August, in his meeting with the bishops from Ireland, after a two day gathering with families from allover the world and with theRead More
ECUADOR, Erika Cedeño • The Schoenstatt Family Work 2017, CIOFG17 Ibero-American Congress will take place from September 7-10 in Guayaquil, Ecuador, with the motto: “With joy, families reaching out.” This Congress will bring together 170 couple delegates from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Germany, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, the United States and, Uruguay who along with forty-five advisers from different communities of the Schoenstatt Family work will be welcomed to this warm land. The Congress seeks the unity and strengthening of the family from theRead More
PARAGUAY, Margarita Beckers and Lauro Cañete • The first Ministry of Hope spiritual retreat in the Diocese of Encarnación, Paraguay took place on July 1st and 2nd.  The Ministry of Hope is an apostolate of the Catholic Church favoring those faithful who have divorced or separated and are forming a new family. The Ministry of Hope’s origin emerged in the Schoenstatt Movement under the guidance of Fr. Antonio Cosp and some Schoenstatt families – on May 30, 2006 – in the National Schoenstatt Shrine at Tupãrenda, Ypacaraí near Asunción.  SinceRead More
GERMANY, Wolfgang Fella • “Pentecost – what’s it all about?” This was the question given to the visitors on the eve of Pentecost at the beginning of a special service in the packed seminar room on the Marienhoehe at Wurzburg. Young and old squashed together early that Saturday evening. The room was dimly lit, the windows had been blacked out – no one knew why. We had had to move to the seminar room, because the hall was occupied and the shrine far too small to take in the manyRead More
PARAGUAY, Dequení and Maria Fischer • Strong storms and floods have recently affected three important Dequení community centers caring for more than 1,000 children. Activities have been suspended, or they are being carried out in provisional locations. The Manos Juntas community center, located at the Pirapomi neighborhood of Arroyos y Esteros, is isolated by floodwaters from the Manduvirá River, Dequení is working with community and city leaders to guarantee help for this area. El Triunfo community center at Caaguazú also suffered serious cracks, a collapsed roof and wall. Dequeni hasRead More
PORTUGAL, www.schoenstatt.pt • Even though every family of refugees has a different story, and it involves a unique testimony of loss and sorrow, they have a common characteristic: perseverance and the will the build their lives wherever they feel welcomed. In the face of the greatest refugee crisis that the world has seen since World War II and the tragedies that have occurred in the Mediterranean, a strong call to welcome and incorporate a refugee family into the Lisbon Family community has emerged in Schoenstatt. It is also a responseRead More
The US Schoenstatt Family Movement invites participation in what might be the first Schoenstatt Encounter at the World Meeting of Families. In the name of the hosts, Fr. Marcelo Aravena, Austin, Texas, USA, sends this letter to the families of the Schoenstatt Movement who will attend the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia in September • The International Schoenstatt Family Movement and the Schoenstatt Family Movement USA invite you to join us for a Schoenstatt Encounter at the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia this September. Please join us asRead More