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Año Santo 2025
By Matěj Pur, Czech Men`s League •  A few years ago, the Italian theologian, Alexandra von Teuffenbach, revealed to the whole world a view of Father Kentenich’s exile. All of Schoenstatt protested that she was too one-sided in her work, and everyone knew that it wasn’t that bad. Some months ago, the Chilean professor, and Doctor of philosophy of the Men’s Federation, Ignacio Serrano del Pozo, of the Universidad Andrés Bello, has given an answer, published (in Spanish) in Teología y Vida 64/2 (2023), p 195-221[1]. Father Kentenich comes out better, butRead More
Paz Leiva, Spain • Nowadays there are adventure books or books about police matters in which one can modify the story, as one reads. Even at the end, there is the option to go back in pursuit of another ending. I don’t have these books, but my grandchildren read them. I read novels. And what I like about a good novel is that the ending is the result of the story, the life, the decisions, the wounds and the falls of its characters. It’s the writer’s art that everything fitsRead More
Editorial Staff • “I am happy you liked the interview,” Fr. Angel Strada responded to the schoenstatt.org editorial staff’s congratulatory email referring to an interview published on the German Schoenstatt Movement’s official website, www.schoenstatt.de in December 2016, on the occasion of the change of postulators in the process of Father Kentenich’s canonization. We are very happy now to be able to offer the English translation of said interview. Fr. Strada, at the beginning of 2017, you will have surrendered your position as Postulator for the process of beatification for Fr.Read More

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Today, 50 years ago…

From María Fischer • This December 24, 2015, it is 50 years since Father Kentenich returned to his and our Original Shrine, after 14 long years of exile in Milwaukee. Father Kentenich arrived at Schoenstatt from Rome on the afternoon of the 24th of December of 1965. He arrived at Schoenstatt, on Christmas Eve, where the Family and the Original Shrine waited to welcome him.  It was a long time of waiting that ended that 24th of December, after several weeks in Rome until the decree finally arrived on theRead More
MESSAGE OF THE GENERAL PRESIDIUM OF SCHOENSTATT – FR JUAN PABLO CATOGGIO • The General Presidium gathered for its annual week-long meeting. The place and time were special: They met in Rome, at Belmonte, exactly fifty years after Fr Kentenich’s return from exile and his stay in Rome. During the meeting, the General Presidium drafted a message to the Schoenstatt Family to mark the 50th anniversary of the fourth milestone in the history of Schoenstatt, and the opening of the Year of Mercy. At the request of the President ofRead More
by Sarah-Leah Pimentel • As we bring to a close this series on Pope Francis’ message to the Schoenstatt Family, we reflect on his encouragement to carry forward Schoenstatt’s mission for the Church, the last of the five areas of apostolic activity that the International Schoenstatt Movement takes forward into a new century. Eucharistic unity – “That they maybe one as we are one” Pope Francis begins by speaking for the need for renewal within the Church, but I have chosen to start where he ends – with the sacraments.Read More
Today`s answer comes from Joe Yank, a member of, Victorious Living Nazareth, the second Family Federation course of the Northern United States with his wife, Judy and three children, Sr. M. Faustina, Gabrielle and Thomas; they are our MTA’s Star of the Sea – Hope of the Future living/home shrine • Six months into the pilgrimage through the second century of the Covenant of Love…what is your dream for this Schoenstatt in who we are and where we find ourselves in the Church, in the world, and in our mission? IRead More
GERMANY/USA, mda.  Fifty years have passed since that time when someone from the schoenstatt.org editorial staff was at the kindergarten and answered a question from the teacher about a city in North America with an amusing name “Milwaukee!” and to her confusion retorted, “what is that?”:  “A person in exile lives there, a person so feared by many that he was sent far away.”  A few months later, Father Kentenich – that was the name of the person in exile – left Milwaukee and went to Rome where he experiencedRead More