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TOGETHER FOR EUROPE – Press Release July 1, 2016 (1) • “Europe at the Moment” was the title of the second day of the Ecumenical Congress of the European Network “Together for Europe” in Munich. Michael Hochschild, Director of Research and Professor of Modern Thinking at the TimeLab in Paris, underscored the social and political importance of the Movements and spiritual communities in Europe. They are an answer to the question whether hope has a future, because we can see already today how things can be different tomorrow. “We areRead More
TOGETHER FOR EUROPE – press release June 30, 2016 • Christian communities and Movements can bring together a Europe that is increasingly polarised. This was the message of Evangelical-Lutheran Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm during the first morning of the Congress of Collaborators in the Ecumenical network “Together for Europe” in Munich.  Seventeen hundred participants from two hundred Christian communities and Movements from forty countries are meeting until tomorrow (Friday) in Circus Krone. “Unless we clarify the urgent questions of Europe, they will overrun us”, Gerhard Pross of the international Steering CommitteeRead More
Together for Europe, Press Release • In the framework of the European Congress of the Ecumenical Network “Together for Europe”, speakers from politics, society and the economy will take part in seventeen panel discussions on 1 July with various Christian churches and guests from all over Europe, and interested citizens of Munich, for example, on present-day persecution of Christians with Johannes Singhammer, Vice-President of the Bundestag (German Parliament) and the Anglican Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali; or about reconciliation with Yale lecturer Prof. Miroslav Volf PhD; or about the opportunities for theRead More
Today Werner Maria Philipps answers – a widower, father of three children, solicitor and notary public, living in Gelsenkirchen-Buer, Germany, member of the 16th course of the Schoenstatt Family Federation in Germany. My parents were also members of the Family Federation. When I was reading law in Munster in 1968 I was the leader of the Student Movement in Schoenstatt and led many international student pilgrimages to Schoenstatt. In this hectic period of social change I experienced that Fr Joseph Kentenich had become my spiritual Father. In him I foundRead More
The Assembly of Jesuit Provincials in Europe (CEP) who are gathered in Rome have reiterated their commitment to refugees and migrants. They have, therefore, issued a declaration about a special call towards solidarity • Since January of this year, hundreds of thousands of refugees have arrived in Europe by different routes. We are deeply saddened at the suffering they have endured. We are shocked, as we hear of the death of hundreds as they cross the Mediterranean or who suffocate in lorries as they try to reach Europe. Refugees ThoseRead More
EUROPE, by Miguel Ángel Rubio, Spain • The European Forum of Families was held in Schoenstatt on May 8, 9, 10. Eight countries participated in this edition: Germany, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Switzerland (this year’s organizing country), Poland, Croatia and Spain. The Forum was held in the Family House a tradition that has been maintained since the beginning of the Forum. Italy, France, Portugal, Russia, Scotland and England were missed; these countries had participated in previous years, but this year they were not able to attend due to differentRead More