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Haus Regina Frauen von Schönstatt
Secular Institute Our Lady of Schoenstatt, Dr. Gertrud Pollak • The second part of the General Congress of the Frauen von Schoenstatt in House Regina, Schoenstatt, will begin on 13.07.2019 and is scheduled until 04.08.2019. — As already in the first session (28.12.2018-07.01.2019), 25 Congress participants from 9 countries and the Spiritual Director Father Alejandro Martínez continue the discussions. It continues to be about processing the proposals received from the Community. The topics agreed upon at the first meeting, which have meanwhile been prepared more intensively by working groups, will alsoRead More
by Sarah-Leah Pimentel, Cape Town, South Africa, member of the Editorial Board of schoenstatt.org • This week, the world has witnessed one of the most contentious elections of recent times. America’s election was foreshadowed by a mud-slinging contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  But through all the mud, the election contest didn’t focus on the national economy or foreign policy.  It was a campaign about values. Clinton appealed to the extension of civil rights while Trump’s “Let’s make America great again” slogan appealed to the traditional values of familyRead More
By Sebastián Acha, Asunción, Paraguay, a life-long Schoenstatt member who has been a deputy in the Paraguayan Chamber for the last ten years – a contribution in the series: What does the Year of Mercy mean? • In the 1920s José Ortega y Gasset wrote: “The information that best describes the uniqueness of a race is the profile of the models it elects, because nothing reveals the root condition of a man better than the type of woman that he can fall in love with.  Through the choice of theRead More