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ROMA BELMONTE,  Claudia Echenique • I arrived in Rome at the end of a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Once in Italy, I stayed at Assisi for two days, and very early on a Monday, I took the train to the Italian capital. The majority of the passengers were beginning their workweek, some worked on their notebooks, and others read the newspaper. In my case, besides looking at the landscape, I was reviewing all Rome’s metro and bus maps that I had downloaded from the Internet, and which allowed meRead More
An interview with Fr Christoph Löhr • What does Belmonte stand for? As Schoenstatters we immediately answer: For our Father and Founder, Fr Joseph Kentenich’s, vision of the future; but today, as those responsible for the building and management noted during our meeting with our colleagues for fundraising and communication, that has to be spelled out in detail: What is this vision of the future? This gives rise to the question: What is the future of the Church? How can the togetherness of priests and laity be re-ordered so thatRead More
BELMONTE/PHILIPPINES from Fr Klaus Alender and Maria Fischer • As the Rector, Fr Daniel Lozano, reported in his last letter, the building of the DOMUS PATER KENTENICH in Belmonte, Rome, continues “slowly, but the work has started again; we are already close to completion, even though some things are still missing.” Among the things that are still missing are what each country can contribute for “their” room from their Schoenstatt and national culture. The house has 31 guest rooms. These rooms are named after the countries where there was aRead More
ROME, Belmonte, from Maria Fischer • 8 September 2015, eleventh anniversary of the dedication of the shrine of all of us in Rome. The Italian Schoenstatt Family had already celebrated the anniversary on Sunday – “for the last time on a building site”, as Davide Russo put it. At any rate, the talks and Holy Mass no longer took place in a rented tent as in the past; the entrance hall to the Domus Pater Kentenich has been used for that since the Jubilee pilgrimage in October 2014. So manyRead More