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ITALY/ROME, Gian Francesco Romano • Among consolidated successes and new challenges on March 25, 2017, Europe celebrated sixty years of concrete commitment to achieve a united, peaceful and harmonious continent also in the diversity of its members.  To celebrate this milestone, and especially to entrust to God the future of the continent, today less clear than in the past, the members of numerous Christian Movements met again in Rome on the anniversary’s afternoon and had an international vigil of ecumenical prayer.  Schoenstatt also participated in the event and played aRead More
ROME BELMONTE, Maria Fischer in an interview with Fr. Marcelo Cervi • February 2nd, Presentation of the Child Jesus in the Temple also known as “Candlemass,” a feast for Belmonte and the small Belmonte family gathered in memory of a previous February 2nd, in 1966.  That day, Fr. Kentenich visited the Belmonte site and spoke on the mission of this place and this Shrine – which at that time only existed in people’s hearts – in the local and personal center of the universal Church, in the city of theRead More
Fr. Egon M. Zillekens • At the decisive moment no one took a photo. It was good that that was so, because we had to look for and find a photo that possibly expressed better than any other what the decision-makers of the regional Priests’ Federation from Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and the Czech Republic had experienced in the afternoon of 25 October towards the end of their annual regional conference, and what the Priests’ Federation of this territory wants to do in the coming year. The photo shows our ProphetRead More
GERMANY, by Maria Fischer • The coincidence is powerful: A few hours earlier the news was broadcast through the media that the route through the Balkans had been closed, the borders had been sealed, and refugees were standing in the open in the rain and cold. A few days previously Pope Francis had said at “America’s Lampedusa”, the deadly fence separating Mexico and the USA, “We cannot deny the humanitarian crisis which in recent years has meant migration for thousands of people, whether by train or highway or on foot,Read More
URUGUAY, by Laura Voituret and Matías Cerviño • We invite you to learn about the work the Schoenstatt Movement carries out at Providencia Educational Center (Montevideo, Uruguay), a place the Blessed Mother chose to transform hearts. Learn first-hand what happens there and join by collaborating with this project. In 1994, Providencia emerged as a current of life born from the Shrine in the country where the First Daughter Shrine was established; it is an Educational Center located in Montevideo’s Cerro Oeste, in the Casabó neighborhood, one of the most vulnerableRead More
By Agustín José Lombardi, an argentinean living in Guarapuava, Brazil • When we speak about originality within the movement, we normally refer to specific characteristics of Schoenstatt’s charism and pedagogy. Almost immediately, we connect this originality to the invitation our father and founder made to Mary, that she establish her abode in the Shrine and from there pour out her graces as intercessor. After a hundred years of history, we realize that Schoenstatt’s originality manifests itself through the characteristics that the Movement has developed in the countries where the cultureRead More
MEXICO, CIEES, by Maria Fischer • “What a great message for CIEES at this moment,” wrote Carlos Barrio, President of CIEES in Argentina, on the WhatsApp CIEES international group page referring to the discourse of Pope Francis on 7 November at St. Peter’s Square to 23,000 people, members of the National Italian Institute for Social Foresightedness (INPS), highlighting the importance of the right for time off, a retirement pension, maternity leave among other rights connected to the right to work “based on the same nature of the person and hisRead More
by Sarah-Leah Pimentel • As we bring to a close this series on Pope Francis’ message to the Schoenstatt Family, we reflect on his encouragement to carry forward Schoenstatt’s mission for the Church, the last of the five areas of apostolic activity that the International Schoenstatt Movement takes forward into a new century. Eucharistic unity – “That they maybe one as we are one” Pope Francis begins by speaking for the need for renewal within the Church, but I have chosen to start where he ends – with the sacraments.Read More
MEXICO, by María Fischer • The date for the CIEES [Ibero-American Congress of Businessmen and Executives] is enthusiastically awaited; it will take place November 5-7, in the city of Monterrey, Mexico, with more than 100 participants from 10 countries, in addition to a small delegation of guests from IKAF [International Kentench Academy for Executives]. “We trust that with everyone’s participation, this will be a success; closely attached, sharing experiences so that the covenant culture will be a light of hope in our business”, Raúl Treviño, from Mexico wrote. Thursday night,Read More
By Rafael Mota and Otávio Cesarini Ávila, JUMAS Brazil, • The number of refugees leaving the northern part of Africa and Syria, fleeing situations which violate human rights like misery and war, has appealed to the attention and sensitivity of the world during these last days. The expectation of setting foot on European soil, sometimes interrupted and frustrated dramatically: the 71 immigrants dead and abandoned in a bus in Austria; the dead child on the Turkish shore. We Schoenstatters and part of JUMAS (Male Schoenstatt Youth), how do weRead More