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ARGENTINA, by María Fischer • “Today I am 40 years old,” joyfully said a woman who seemed much younger. Her two little children were on her lap. And before everyone could sing “Happy Birthday,” she surprised everyone with her announcement: “We are going to get married…” From the stairs outdoors, where most of the men stayed, a faint, distant voice could be heard echoing her statement: “Yes, it is true, we are going to get married”. There was spontaneous and sincere applause. “You should know he was an alcoholic,” CristinaRead More
PARAGUAY, Ayolas, by  Alejandro and Eva Frías • To begin to write the Family Branch history at Ayolas, one must begin around the year 1994, or perhaps much earlier than that with a large and enthusiastic group of women (mothers of families) and some men who began the Rosary Campaign in this community.  They were thirty-six missionaries, who with their prayer, commitment, mission, apostolate and enthusiasm, made it possible that today we can speak about the Family Branch as a seedbed of St. José Mí Parish’s Family Ministry. Another importantRead More
CHILE, Gonzalo and Paulina Peña Peñaranda • In 2012, a vacation in Guadalajara became the beginning of an apostolic adventure.  The day of our arrival coincided with a re-encounter for couples, that a few days before, had a Fortalecimiento Matrimonial (Marriage Enrichment) gathering.  We shared some tacos and a potent renewal of married love that we shared with them, the atmosphere was filled by the complicity of having shared a unique experience.  Our in-laws, Claudio and Angelito Castro Peñaranda, were part or the organizational team.  We shared  several days withRead More
By Sarah-Leah Pimentel, South Africa • It’s been ten months since about 5,000 representatives (and thousands more who were watching at home) of the International Schoenstatt Family gathered in the Paul VI Hall in the Vatican for an unforgettable encounter with Pope Francis. The audience was more than just the final big event of the two-week celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Schoenstatt Movement and the Covenant of Love in a small shrine in Germany. Fr. José Maria Garcia, in the introduction to the book containing Pope Francis’ messageRead More
GERMANY, Gertrud and Norbert Jehle • After two years, the couples of the ninth course of Family Facilitators from Bavaria finished their studies. They received their diploma in a memorable sending-forth ceremony. One of the couples, receiving a diploma, began their activity in a home delivery dialogue with their favorite subject, “To Create Something Together.” The Synod of Bishops, which will be held in September, will be a real challenge for the Church. Couples and families interested in this field are needed to give witness. Contact your diocese if youRead More