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Caminos de santidad matrimonial
ARGENTINA, Editors • The Institute of Marriage and Family of the Catholic University of Argentina (UCA) presented the book “Caminos de Santidad Matrimonial” (Paths of Marital Sanctity) by Leonardo Cozzi and Paola Risuleo, members of the Institute of Schoenstatt Families. had already reported on the book immediately after its publication. — Fewer vocations? The coincidence in time is remarkable. On the same day, the Holy See published the Pontifical Yearbook 2024 and the Statistical Yearbook of the Church 2022, in which the number of bishops, priests, religious and deaconsRead More
Schoenstatt Family Group in Nigeria
NIGERIA, Ijeoma Ugwu • Schoenstatt, a Catholic Apostolic Movement founded by Father Joseph Kentenich in Germany in 1914, has found a warm and enthusiastic welcome in Nigeria. One of the cornerstones of this spiritual movement is the Covenant of Love with the Blessed Mother in the Shrine, a commitment that has profoundly affected many people throughout Nigeria. —  This Covenant is an act of faith that strengthens our attachment to Mary, reinforces our baptism and marriage, while fostering unity and a deep sense of purpose within families. The Schoenstatt FamilyRead More
Nigeria Covenant of Love
NIGERIA, Fr. Jude Eze, ISch. •  October 29, 2023, the closing day of the World Synod on Synodality, was a historic day at the Victory Shrine of Our Lady of Schoenstatt, Ibadan, Nigeria, as the first group of couples from the Lagos Schoenstatt Family sealed their Covenant of Love. This group of families came together from different parishes in Lagos through the instrumentality of Fr. Jude Eze, ISch, a Schoenstatt Father who works in a parish in the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, who accompanies the group. The Covenant of LoveRead More
Federazione, Italia
ITALY, Marie- Christine Jeannenot •  The weekend of June 17 and 18 was a time of great celebration for the Schoenstatt Apostolic Family Federation in Italy at the Cor Ecclesiae Shrine in Rome. —  Sunshine and joy dominated the meeting, the atmosphere was cheerful and like a Roman “dolce vita” in such a beautiful place as the Schoenstatt Shrine. Imagine this combination of beauty and the scent of spring, and of course the good Italian dinners after the Masses on March 17 and 18. The first course of the ItalianRead More
GERMANY, Tobias Büdel • The relationship between two partners is like a campfire. With the first spark of love the flame begins to burn. Yet, without regular replenishment of the logs, the blazing fire will diminish over time. The Wedding-REVIVAL should become such a log for marriage – new breeding ground for the flames of love.— It is easy to describe the added value of the wedding REVIVAL in Dietershausen with this metaphor. Ten couples were able to enjoy an intimate four-course menu from chef Enrico Meder – with00 romanticRead More
PARAGUAY, Adriana Cardozo • Sometimes a random act, that is somewhat trivial, like googling “Help for couples in the Schoenstatt Movement” leads us in ways God has prepared for us. This is how I got to know the Blessed Mother and a transformation of my life and family began, albeit with some stumbles and interruptions. — We had reached the level of the Family Branch Covenant, but looking back, I realized that had been made possible through many people I met in the Movement. Today I clearly understand they wereRead More
PARAGUAY, Morocha and Carlos Etchegaray • The Tayi Group is here today, forty years after being called. We want to express thanks for choosing us to be a part of our nation’s Schoenstatt Family and for being a part of the first generation. Looking at the present and seeing how the Movement has grown in broadness and fruitfulness, we can affirm with humility and joy that the motto guiding us at that time and everything that was offered was not in vain: “Mary descend in Tupãrendá through your giving ofRead More

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Forta launched in Spain

SPAIN, Manuel de la Barreda Mingot • The first Forta (Marriage Strengthening) in Spain took place the weekend of 30 September to 2 October 2016, and I had the immense good fortune to attend with my wife, Lourdes. Due to Forta’s set up, we will not reveal anything that happened during the session or its content, so couples that attend in the future can enjoy it fully, including allowing oneself to let go and trust.  One must lay him/herself bare becoming small and humble, opening oneself up to what comesRead More
GERMANY, María del Carmen de las Peñas de Gallardo • “Forta” (Marriage Strengthening) is a marriage retreat that has its own personality; it began in Mexico and it has been successful in several countries, but…Germany was missing out, the Schoenstatt Homeland! From Friday to Sunday, 9-11 September, the first Marriage Strengthening took place in Germany. It is a long weekend, where couples take the time to reencounter one another and polish that first love that is often dimmed by routine and the work of daily life and which has toRead More
MEXICO,  Ana Echavarría Barrios • On Saturday, 10 September, throngs of Mexicans took to the streets of several Mexican cities to demonstrate in favor of the family.  Large marches in several cities from the thirty-one states anticipated the Large National March 24 September in Mexico City.  Some bishops participated in the convocation organized by people of different beliefs and convictions, among them evangelicals and Mormons. The organizers made it very clear that their demonstration “did not want to offend anyone,” because “we respect the dignity of every person independent ofRead More