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By Sebastián Acha, Asunción, Paraguay, a life-long Schoenstatt member who has been a deputy in the Paraguayan Chamber for the last ten years – a contribution in the series: What does the Year of Mercy mean? • In the 1920s José Ortega y Gasset wrote: “The information that best describes the uniqueness of a race is the profile of the models it elects, because nothing reveals the root condition of a man better than the type of woman that he can fall in love with.  Through the choice of theRead More
FRANCIS IN ROME • At the end of the Stations of the Cross, presided by Pope Francis this Good Friday at the Roman Colisseum, he spoke a prayer he had composed for this occasion, titled: O Cross of Crist. It is an invitation to see where we see the Cross of Christ in the realities of our world, here and now, in 2016, and to find our place at the cross, as Jesus` disciples. Here is the Vatican translation of a prayer composed and recited by Pope Francis at thisRead More
FRANCIS IN MEXICO, by Gabriela de la Garza Maldonado and Maria Fischer • The last day of Pope Francis’ visit to Mexico, once again, he reached out to the periphery: a prison, and then to the border, where year after year thousands of migrants cross in search of a better future. “I am coming to the end of my visit to Mexico. I could not leave without greeting you and celebrating with you the Jubilee of Mercy.” One must savor this phrase. The Pope went to this prison not forRead More
POPE FRANCIS IN AFRICA, by Sarah-Leah Pimentel, • Pope Francis again abandoned his prepared speech – as he sometimes does – when the events around him stir something deep within him and cause him to speak from his heart. This was the case during the Holy Father’s meeting with the Kenyan youth on 27 November at Kasarani Stadium in Nairobi. After hearing the questions of two young people who asked him why war, fanaticism and destruction seem to happen among young people, Pope Francis answered them in his nativeRead More
By Ani Souberlich, Vicky Ramírez Jou, Sonia Zaracho, Marité and Ramón Marini, José Argüello, Fr. José Pontes, Andreza Ortigoza, Mima Cardona, María Emilia Vidal, Maria Fischer, Fr. Antonio Cosp and 50,000 pilgrims • “How the world’s largest 18 October was experienced in Tupãrenda, Paraguay,” is the title of a Facebook post, while, Fr. Antonio Cosp thanked all the collaborators for their contribution to the “celebration of celebrations in Tuparenda.” The songs along with Bishop Francisco Pistilli and Fr. Pedro Kühlcke, Bishop Joaquín Robledo, Bishop of San Lorenzo (bilingual) and Fr.Read More
PARAGUAY, por Sebastián Acha • From the moment that Pope Francis’ visit to Paraguay was announced, I have not stopped thinking about the Holy Father’s reasons for privileging us in his pastoral tour. I imagined the experiences of the then Archbishop and later Cardinal Bergoglio with the various Paraguayan communities in Buenos Aires and his deep connection to the Guarani culture – and I do not say this euphemistically, but with everything that this culture means – and his sincere admiration for Paraguayan women. I thought that I might findRead More