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WORLD DAY OF SOCIAL COMMUNICATION 2017 • «Fear not, for I am with you» (Is 43:5). Communicating hope and trust in our time: This is the motto chosen by Pope Francis for the World Day of Social Communication celebrated in 2017. The press release says:   Numbness of conscience or letting desperation get the better of us are two possible “diseases” that our current communication system can cause. It is possible that our conscience is cauterised, as Pope Francis comments in Laudato si’, as a result of the fact thatRead More
By The Most Reverend Manuel Camilo Vial Risopatron, Chile • On August 1st, collaborators and those responsible for joyfully received an inspiring and motivational message from the Most Reverend Manuel Camilo Vial Risopatron, a Schoenstatt Father from Chile’s first generation, Bishop Emeritus of the Temuco Diocese, President of the Chilean Episcopal Conference Social Area, and a member of the Pastoral Commission.  Because truly, all who share their real life stories and all those who visit website are collaborators, we want to share this greeting with everyone. Dear BrothersRead More
ARGENTINA, by Carlos Ricciardi • After attending Covenant Mass, celebrated by the outgoing director for the Schoenstatt Family in La Plata, Fr. Beltrán Gómez (who takes up a position as the rector of the house of the Schoenstatt Fathers in Rome) in the Schoenstatt Family House, there was a talk about: Kentenich – a communicator ahead of his time: Towards a Kentenich culture of communication, by Maria Fischer, who holds a degree in communications. Despite the very cold weather and many people down with the flu, there was a largeRead More
PARAGUAY, by Carolina Ayala Silvera • On 11 May we had a wonderful gathering with María Fischer at the Terruño Shrine: she presented a talk on Fr. Joseph Kentenich, creator of attachments, focusing on the centenary of the MTA Magazine. Today, the language of organic attachments, is the time that we give That night several members of the large Schoenstatt Family from Este heard magnificent anecdotes about our Father and Founder. María gave us more than an encounter. She made us discover two very important things: above all, the personalRead More
PARAGUAY, by Gisse Peralta • A weekend learning a lot about Kentenich Communication: In Tuparenda on Friday, 30 April, approximately twenty Paraguayans, a Brazilian, and a Chilean–all communicators– met with Maria Fischer, a Schoenstatt communicator, who is in charge of the website. The objective was to talk about Kentenich Communication based on Maria’s research regarding the MTA Magazine, the bulletin that Fr. Kentenich sent to the sodalists during the war. The workshop lasted until Sunday, 1 May. On Friday, she showed us the first two moments of Kentenich Communication:Read More

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The awaited visit

PARAGUAY, by José and Sonia Zaracho • Fulfilling her promise made the previous year, a great person again visited us. She brought us more knowledge about Fr. Joseph Kentenich. When we went to welcome her at Posadas, Argentina Airport, we asked her why she came to Paraguay through this city since she could have arrived at Asunción’s Silvio Pettirossi Airport. She confidently and spontaneously answered: “To once again see the place where Fr. Kentenich looked at Paraguay.” Fr. Kentenich had looked at Paraguay from Puerto of Posadas, and he lookedRead More
PARAGUAY, by Fr. Antonio Cosp • While the more than 24 participants of the Kentenich Communication Workshop prepared their “24 stories of the same Holy Mass on 1 May in Tupãrenda,” they received an inspiring greeting from Fr. Juan Pablo Catoggio, the president of the Schoenstatt General Presidium: “I am very happy that you have gone ahead with this Kentenich Communication Workshop. I want to congratulate you and encourage you for this initiative for all who are participating and those who have made it possible. Often it pains us thatRead More
PARAGUAY, by Sandra Lezcano • Firmness and Tenderness. This is the title of a book by Fr. Antonio Cosp and I cannot find a better title to express the way the Blessed Mother educated me in the first week of May. A few months ago Maria Fischer wrote to me, telling me that Paraguay would host the first Kentenich Communication Workshop. Filled with immense joy, I made myself available to help out in any way I could. The Blessed Mother had already planned what my task would be – to welcomeRead More
From Fr Antonio Cosp, Tuparenda, Paraguay/Editors • As a reader of this website you know the rich life the collaborators of collect week after week. This amazing life would remain hidden from many if we didn’t have this website, which characterises itself with a certain pride as “MTA reloaded”. Here we can discover what Fr Kentenich thought about communication, and what he did about it. MTA reloaded MTA reloaded: This refers to the MTA magazine that celebrated its centenary on 5 March. A few weeks after Schoenstatt’s foundationRead More
HOLY YEAR OF MERCY – POPE FRANCIS’ MESSAGE FOR THE 50TH WORLD COMMUNICATIONS DAY • “Communication and Mercy: a fruitful encounter” is the title of Pope Francis’ message for World Communications Day 2016 which was presented on 22 January at the Holy See’s Press Office. The message was symbolically signed by the Holy Father on 24 January 2016, on the feast of St. Francis de Sales, the patron saint of journalists. The 50th World Communications Day will be celebrated on 8 May 2016. It’s a message that brings us joyRead More