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SPAIN, Yany Lafuente Mata • Dreams come true by the hand of God and under the protection of Our Lady, and Cobijo is a dream, a dream born from the desire to help those who come here to find new opportunities for a dignified and happy life. — Cobijo Cristo Rey is our fourth reception center, a place we thought was very far away when we embarked on this journey with Father Bladimir, but the feeling of seeing another house ready to welcome and give a home to many CubansRead More
Bendición Casa de Cobijo
SPAIN, Soledad Menéndez and César Fernández-Quintanilla •  Life in Cuba today is a nightmare. A daily struggle for survival, with no prospect of change and for many with only one way out: to leave the country. Every day, thousands of Cubans try to escape this situation in different ways, some at the danger of their lives. Many arrive in Madrid. Without papers, without work, without money and often with a broken soul. Here they come into contact with Father Bladimir in very different ways. — Bladimir Navarro, Schoenstatt diocesan priest,Read More