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ITALY/UNIVERSAL CHURCH, with the Sant’Egidio Press Office • “Dear friends, thank you very much for your friendship and affection. We are sending you the German translation of the address by Pope Francis and Prof. Andrea Riccardi on the 50th anniversary of the Sant’Egidio Community.” This was the message sent to by Cesare Zucconi, the Secretary General of the Sant’Egidio Community on the morning of 13 March, on the fifth anniversary of Pope Francis’ election.  “The poor are your treasure,” is the central focus of Pope Francis’ message. ThatRead More

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By X. • For us, Schoenstatt means attachment with other families. Recently, I experienced this attachment with other families in a very special way. On a Monday morning, I suddenly felt severe stomach pains, and I felt like vomiting several times. Since the pain and nausea did not improve, I suspected that it was appendicitis, and so I called my husband. He came straight home from work and immediately took me to the hospital, since I could barely stand. After some tests, it was clear that my assumption was correctRead More
Italy, Rome, Sister Maria Vera Lucia • On 30 April 2015, in the heart of Rome, in Piazza del Popolo, a very significant meeting for the Movement took place. On the initiative of the Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Rome, Matteo Zuppi, entitled “50 days of fire”. It is an invitation to the preparation of the Solemnity of Pentecost. Sister Vera Lucia, who is behind every major event in Rome, formulated, a week before, a very compelling and convincing invitation, in which she wrote that the Schoenstatt Movement, likeRead More