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Belmonte, BRAZIL, Interviewing Fr. Marcelo Cervi, superior of the Diocesan Priests Institute of the Southern American Region, on the Schoenstatt Shrine in Belmonte • Fr. Marcelo Cervi – well known by all the pilgrims who were in Belmonte during the Jubilee Week in October of 2014 – was interviewed by reporters of the Schoenstatt Movement in Brazil on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the symbolic blessing of the cornerstone for Belmonte by Father Kentenich on December 8, 1965. Fr. Cervi offers this interview by means of forRead More
PARAGUAY, PRISON MINISTRY “Visitación de Maria”, by Sergio Galeano y Roberto González • Each Saturday, there is a celebration at Centro Educativo Itauguá (CEI)detention center for teens that we do not want to miss. Moreover each celebration is different, a good time is guaranteed, and one meets new people. “Good afternoon boys, how are you?” is the traditional greeting at the beginning of the gathering. “Blessed!” they always strongly respond. “Do you know what we are going to do today?” we ask. “Yes, catechesis!” one of them responds. And theyRead More

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Our Dream: Belmonte, the Shrine of All of Us

From Melba and Pedro Lopez, Belmonte Pilgrims from Corrientes, Argentina • Our dream: Belmonte, the shrine of all of us! You can be sure that from this place of grace this year Mary is calling upon her allies, the hearts that follow Fr Kentenich, to open the doors of mercy! And from Belmonte she does it in the way this shrine does it, which has been marked by Latin America, and which nestles in the heart of the Church, in Rome. It does one good to discover Belmonte surrounded byRead More
POPE FRANCIS IN AFRICA, by Sarah-Leah Pimentel • Pope Francis arrived in Uganda late on Friday, 27 November. According to Ugandan newspaper, The Observer, the Pontiff received a “rousing welcome from Ugandans who thronged Entebbe International Airport to receive him.” According to the report, he also received a 21-gun salute and a dance group “provided entertainment in performing several cultural dances including the Kiganda dance, Runyege, Kinywarwanda and playing all sorts of local music instruments from makondele, madinda among others.” Pope commends Uganda for receiving refugees Shortly after his arrival,Read More
FRANCIS IN ROME • The right to rest, pension, assistance to mothers, among other labour rights, “based on the nature of the human person and on his transcendent dignity” were the key themes of Pope Francis’ address on Saturday, 7 September, in St. Peter’s Square, to 23,000 members of the Italian National Institute for Social Security (INPS) — on the same day when some 130 participants of the CIEES (Iberian-American Congress for Schoenstatt Executives and Businesspeople) met in Monterrey, Mexico to discuss the topic of living a covenant culture inRead More
by Sarah-Leah Pimentel • As we bring to a close this series on Pope Francis’ message to the Schoenstatt Family, we reflect on his encouragement to carry forward Schoenstatt’s mission for the Church, the last of the five areas of apostolic activity that the International Schoenstatt Movement takes forward into a new century. Eucharistic unity – “That they maybe one as we are one” Pope Francis begins by speaking for the need for renewal within the Church, but I have chosen to start where he ends – with the sacraments.Read More
Rome,  Belmonte, Fr. Daniel Lozano • So far I have always written to you that Belmonte is our Father’s dream. Today the words of Pope Frances to children in the USA still echoes in my ears: The Sacred Scriptures show us the Believer as a person who dreams and creates peace. This has inspired me to say that our Father’s dream is also MY DREAM, OUR DREAM. Dreams …, yes, dreaming of the gift we want to give Fr Kentenich: BELMONTE. What happens to us when we have a wonderfulRead More
By Rafael Mota and Otávio Cesarini Ávila, JUMAS Brazil, • The number of refugees leaving the northern part of Africa and Syria, fleeing situations which violate human rights like misery and war, has appealed to the attention and sensitivity of the world during these last days. The expectation of setting foot on European soil, sometimes interrupted and frustrated dramatically: the 71 immigrants dead and abandoned in a bus in Austria; the dead child on the Turkish shore. We Schoenstatters and part of JUMAS (Male Schoenstatt Youth), how do weRead More
Fr. Joaquín Alliende Luco • The Synod on the Family has started. It’s autumn in Europe. Close to the Original Shrine, on the hillsides along the Rhine and Mosel rivers, it’s grape season. A place of wines and wine presses. We should order this differently: a place of wine presses and wines, because as we pray in Heavenwards: “Without the wine press, there is no wine…only dying wins the war (HW 150). We get liquid from the grapes only by crushing them. A very easy way of doing this isRead More
FRANCIS IN ROME • The books containing Pope Francis’ Wednesday weekly catechesis on the family are already available, for example at the Libreria Editrice Vaticana, with the titles: The Family: The World’s generating force and The family, God’s masterpiece [not yet available in English]. It seems that there will be a another book, because during the general audience on the first Wednesday of October in St. Peter’s Square before thousands of Catholics and pilgrims from numerous countries, Pope Francis continued with his weekly catechesis on the family, this time focusingRead More