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Santa Cruz de la Sierra
BOLIVIA, Roberto Henestrosa • “On the feast of the Ascension of the Lord, the Church gives us hope where Jesus encourages us to follow him, where the dream of faith prepares our hearts to establish our eternal dwelling place next to the Father.” — This was a touching prologue by Bishop Braulio Sáes on the autumn morning of Sunday, May 16, with calm and warm weather. However, this homeland burns with anxiety to be blessed as our shrine. It is physically ready, but the Blessed Mother prepares those hearts forRead More
PARAGUAY, Cristina Velázquez • For the past three years, the Schoenstatt Women’s Professional Branch has lived a “Church reaching out,” visiting prisoners in the “Good Shepherd” women’s prison in Asunción. Pope Francis is “responsible” for this daring outreach.— Toward the periphery – ten minutes from the shrine In 2015, the team was looking for an apostolate with high impact. Pope Francis’ words to the Schoenstatt Family during the Rome audience in 2014 still echoed within them, when he recommended not to remain “combing sheep,” instead go out to seek theRead More
CELAM, by Marité and Ramón Marini, Paraguay • Over the years and with different life experiences, we have learned that God manifests himself and inspires the people who meekly open themselves to his plans, knowing how to interpret everything that comes from Him. There are many examples in our history…our Father and Founder was a clear example, with the witness of his life and his loyal giving of self to the Church. We can also “feel” God’s intervention with the election of our beloved Pope Francis. He is now theRead More
ARGENTINA, Fr. Esteban Casquero • The Church reaching out… a mandate from our shepherd, Pope Francis, which is taken very seriously at the Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Bahía Blanca. Every Thursday, the Schoenstatt Boys’ and Girls’ Youth share the “night of charity” apostolate. They arrive at the cathedral parish hall kitchen in the late afternoon to prepare food that they will distribute later among approximately thirty homeless people. The Schoenstatt Movement has assumed this apostolate every Thursday, and the youths carry it out very responsibly. Strengthened through the CovenantRead More
POPE FRANCIS TO THE MISSIONARIES • Pope Francis surprised more than 3,000 young people and adults who were taking part in the Fourth National Meeting of Missionary Groups in Santiago de Estero by giving them a message. He encouraged them to “continue building a Church that reaches out, solidarity groups that work to transmit this joy that the Lord has placed in our hearts.” Francis reminded the participants gathered at the Quimsa club “to be missionary, before announcing, communicating, it is necessary to see. See this Jesus who made himselfRead More