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PARAGUAY/VATICAN, Joaquín Santiviago • We could not imagine that an avalanche of almost one hundred people would appear, when we invited Alejandra Almada, the current conductor, Giani Klein, Guada Alvarez, Piru Abente, Mariano Abente and Prof. Carlos Cazal to auditions in February and March 2017. They were all filled with the desire to praise the Lord with the gift of their voice. This awakened the ambition to make a choir as professional as possible without being music professionals, with the exception of Alejandra, who is now a professional choir director.Read More
COSTA RICA, Fr. José Luis Correa • The “Franz Liszt Schule, a German-Costa Rican School, at the St. Ann Center, San José, Costa Rica, in the neighborhood adjacent to the “Family of Hope” Shrine, also has an integrated music school beginning with pre-school. —   A couple of days ago, the choir from this school went to the shrine to present a Christmas Concert on the grounds, which in January will be filled with young people from all over the world, for the International Schoenstatt Youth conferences before World YouthRead More
PARAGUAY, Julio Giménez • “Yvaga o huguaiti ore rekove, peicha añandu che angue pyhare”, in Guaraní this means “Encountering heaven in our lives” describes the feeling experienced that night in the Youth Shrine, something like a spell, a magical night. That vigorous, mobilizing life filled with spirituality, filled with song and enchantment represented by a group of men and women united through the talent of music, especially music of spiritual content, in generous giving of time, rehearsal after rehearsal. The motors behind the initiative Behind this feeling there is aRead More
PARAGUAY, Andrea Blasco • I’ve received one of the greatest blessings a person can ask for. I found a place where people can abandon their inconveniences, their conflicts, and their problems, and learn to entrust themselves fully and completely to Mother Mary’s hands. Somewhere where they can be themselves for Jesus Christ. A time they can offer their whole heart so that God may bless others. The Joy of Schoenstatt During the summer of 2017 I received an advertisement that invited everyone interested to participate in an audition to enterRead More
CHILE, Sophie Berthet • Our Movement has always been characterized by the strength in prayer and music that accompanies all our activities, workshops, meetings, etc. A group of friends wanted to join both things using the prayer book, “Heavenwards” that contains Schoenstatt’s essence and all of our Father and Founder’s message as a guiding thread. The idea came together as a project, and now it has the participation of young musicians and singers –who are associated with Schoenstatt in different ways– and they are preparing a CD with musical adaptationsRead More
PARAGUAY, Joaquín Santiviago • The decision and the total commitment to a personal vocation is also expressed as a manifestation from the basis that beauty emanates: God, who is the foundation stone of life. Music is the basis of my vocation, my vocation as a child, father, my vocation as educator, my Schoenstatt vocation, my Christian vocation. I find God in music, but in it, God found me first because He sang to me first. In this immense gift of hearing God’s voice in music, I feel called to serveRead More
PARAGUAY, by Johana and Horacio Chávez Tottil • It was a chilly morning in Tupãrenda, but it was sunny. From the beginning of Holy Mass in Most Holy Trinity Church, the warmth of the youths’ was evident with the Girls’ Youth flags during the procession and they were present during the liturgy, because this Holy Mass was a “conquest” of the Girls’ Youth from the Dioceses of San Lorenzo and Caácupé. The women who followed Jesus Fr. Pedro Kühlcke, the Girls’ Youth adviser, celebrated this Mass and in the homily,Read More